“The Music Industry program at SUNY Oneonta changed my life completely. I first started college at SUNY Cortland studying Business Economics. I was a Resident Advisor there at Cortland and during one of my normal hall duty walks throughout the dorm floors, I came across one of my students in his room making music with his laptop and drum machine. I was amazed and that day I decided to transfer to SUNY Oneonta and major in Music Industry with a Minor in Audio Production. I loved my 2 years at Oneonta and the experience I gained. It was by far the best college I attended compared to any of my previous years at any collegiate level.

The classes I took were straight up about the Music Business and how it all works. I could have not loved that anymore about the program there. It made me want to learn more and study more about the music industry thoroughly. I enjoyed going to class, playing the piano and being able to work in all the recording studios available.

Making actual music, learning about music, and listening to music while earning my Bachelor’s Degree! That was the best part about it all. One of the best choices I ever made was to be in the Music Industry Program at SUNY Oneonta. Without the college and the program, today I would not be working for ASCAP going on my 6th year as a Music TV Analyst. I am very grateful for all my professors but mostly I am thankful for Dr. Barstow and Dr. Nepkie. I will never forget them and if I could visit them today I would tell them how much I believe they changed my college career.

For any future SUNY Oneonta students either thinking of attending or majoring in Music Industry, just remember being in the Music Industry is like 1 out of a Million, just like it is 1 out of a Million to get into the NBA or NFL. It’s a tough game, and although this is my opinion, I still consider myself very lucky to be in the Music Industry. Anyone can be that 1 in a million, because I truly believe that anything is possible in this world with hard work and dedication.”- Osvaldo Roque ’07 (Music TV Analyst – ASCAP)


"The classes I took that helped me visualize my dreams are Vocal Class, R&B Band, Music Industry Communication, and Music and Marketplace. The reason that these classes were helpful is because they helped me to begin to understand both sides of the arts industry. I now have a better understanding of the performer’s point of view and the business perspective" - Imani Dunning ’13 (Author of “Invisible”, Co-founder of Dream Art)


“From my studies at SUNY Oneonta, majoring in Music Industry, I graduated with the knowledge, confidence, and perseverance to successfully work in the music industry” - Julia Yarinsky ’12 (Account Executive - Townsquare Media)

“SUNY College at Oneonta has done an excellent job to prepare me for post-graduation. The Music Industry program has not only provided me with the knowledge that is necessary to succeed but the experience to get my foot in the door. The internship requirement for this program is something I believe every department should require their students to participate in.  The help of the Career Development Center enabled me to network at an internship fair hosted by SUNY Oneonta that landed me the internship I was looking for. Now having made contacts in the industry I can confidently say the Music Industry Department has given me the foundation to enter an exciting career path that will help my aspirations come to fruition.”
- Joshua Burger ’13 (Coordinator, Music Programming at Plum Radio, Sub-Agent at Frontline Entertainment Agency)


The SUNY Oneonta Music Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.
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