Audio Arts Production: 12 s.h.
MUSC 192 - Audio Arts Production I (3 s.h.)
An introduction to audio engineering techniques including the basic principles of acoustics, psycho-acoustics, multi-track recording, mixing and post-production of creative work. Computer based and analog recording equipment is used to demonstrate modern recording theory and practice.
(LA, C)
MUSC 292 - Audio Arts Production II (3 s.h.)
This course covers advanced theory and techniques of MIDI applications and sequencers using Digital Performer and Pro Tools software. Audio for video techniques, and synchronization are discussed along with Internet applications and streaming audio.
(LA, C) Prerequisites: SoS, Music 139, Beginning Piano, or permission of instructor.
MUSC 392 - Audio Arts Production III (3 s.h.)
A study of advanced theory and techniques of digital audio in recording, production, and mastering. The use of Pro Tools for professional digital recording and post-production will be studied as well as perceptual coding, data reduction, storage media and file formats.
(LA, C) Prerequisites: SoS, MUSC 192 and MUSC 292 or permission of instructor.
MUSC 393 - Audio Arts Production IV (3 s.h.)
Advanced Digital Audio theory and techniques, editing, mastering, and post-production. Introduction to sound design theory, and computer languages for electronic music: Csound, and MAX-MSP. Tunable-Walls technology in theory and practice; use of Pressure Zone Controllers in recording sessions.
(LA) Prerequisites: JrS and MUSC 392.
Studio Assistantship: 6 s.h.

MUSC 227 Studio Assistant (2 s.h.)
Assist beginning Audio Production Minor students with theoretical and technical issues in the recording studios.  Maintain proper studio decorum, oversee studio equipment operation and maintenance and assist students in the performance of their class projects.  Assistants are also required to attend regularly scheduled special instructional and training sessions focusing on professional studio procedure and trouble-shooting.  This course is repeatable

MUSC 327 Studio Assistant II (1-4 s.h)
Assist advanced Audio Production Minor students in the set-up, proper positioning and maintenance of audio production equipment for their class projects.  Assistants are also required to attend regularly scheduled special instructional and training sessions to further their knowledge and skills in professional studio recording and production procedures, and equipment maintenance and operation.  This course is repeatable.  Prerequisites:  MUSC 227

Physics: (choose one) 3 s.h.

PHYS 100 Introductory Physics (3 s.h.)
The fundamental concepts of physics at an introductory, conceptual level without the rigor of mathematics. Topics selected from: motion, force, mechanical work, energy, heat, waves, electricity, magnetism, optics, atomic and quantum physics, nuclear energy, and relativity. Emphasizes verbal reasoning and understanding through text and laboratory work.
(LA, NL2, NL, TQ)

PHYS 103 General Physics I (Non-Calculus) (3 s.h.)
A study of motion, force, work, and mechanical energy; fluids; heat. Includes laboratory. Competence in high school algebra, plane geometry, and plane trigonometry is assumed.
(LA, NL2, NL, TQ)

PHYS 113 Physics of Sound (3 s.h.)
This course emphasizes the scientific method as it applies to the study of the physical principles used in describing sound waves. Topics include introductory mechanics, oscillations, waves and wave properties, resonance, sound wave production and propagation, decibels, the ear, musical instruments, and harmonic structure. If time permits, tuning systems, room modes, sound recording, bode plots, and/or sound electronics may be introduced. Competence in high school algebra is assumed. Includes laboratory.
Elective: 3 s.h.
*Chosen by advisement
  Total 24 s.h.



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