Pop & Rock Scene
*Enrollments in these courses are open to all students, regardless of major. Many opportunities to perform on campus and in the community exist through the courses.
An audition is normally required for placement and/or acceptance into the majority of the courses. Information on audition times and course availability is available in the music department Office.

Rock Guitar (Musc 270) 2s.h.
Independent or small group study focusing on rock guitar composition, transcription and improvisation through discussion, practice and critique.
Jazz Guitar (Musc 270) 2s.h.
Fingerboard harmony class with an emphasis on the five functional chord types and their common voicings. Chord melodies and improvisation on standard tunes will be the focus
Rock Bands (Musc 280) 3s.h.
Small Group ensemble playing in the genres of rock and popular music. Emphasis on individuality and communication of original compositions through rehearsal and performance. Opportunity for performance on and off campus.
Funk Band (Musc 280) 3s.h.
Small group ensemble selected by audition which will cover rhythm & blues to jazz styles featuring artists James Brown, Funkadelic, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. Emphasis will be on playing a groove with rhythmic accuracy and the freedom of group interaction and improvisation through the various opportunities to perform on and off campus.
Pop/Repertory Band (Musc 280) 3 s.h.
Small ensemble selected by audition who will perform all styles of Blues emphasizing solo and group improvisation at a variety of venues an and off campus.
Jam Band (Musc 280) 3 s.h.

Electro- Acoustic ensemble selected by instructor who will perform music from the American vernacular and World Music Traditions, with emphasis on solo and gropu improvisation. Repertoire to include music of The Grateful Dead, Phish, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, and others, as well as original compositions.
Jazz Combo (Musc 270) 3 s.h.
Small ensemble consisting of 2-3 horns and rhythm section. Focus on improvisation, composition, repertoire building and performances. Group performs often both on and off campus and attends the IAJE conference in January.
Jazz Big Band (Musc 280)  
Mid-size ensemble that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional jazz instruments. Emphasis on improvisation and performance of various jazz styles, including Afro-Cuban and Brazilian jazz. Group performs standards and original compositions at both on-and off- campus venues. This is a great opportunity to improve your improvisational skills, and expand your jazz repertoire.


The SUNY Oneonta Music Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.
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