Students Who Matriculate/Readmitted Fall 2009 or Later

Music Industry majors who matriculate or are readmitted Fall 2009 or later are required to earn a minimum of 3 semester hours and to serve a minimum of 360 contact hours of internship/supplementary experience credit.

Music Department Internship/Supplementary Experience Requirements include:

  1. Completion of 360 contact hours of approved internship hours,
    fulfillment of the Music Department Internship Learning Objectives, and
    successful completion of all assignments to fulfill the academic component of the internship.
    Students must register for a minimum of 3 s.h. of credit and may register for up to 15 s.h. during the academic year or 12 s.h. during the summer. Music Industry faculty evaluate successful completion of all requirements.

  2. Credit is granted on the basis of 1 s.h. for each full work week (normally 40 hours) as well as successful completion of the academic component required by the Music Department.
    For internships of up to 3 s.h. of credit, the student is also required to work 80 concurrent hours of field experience for each semester hour of credit. For internships of 4 or more semester hours, there is a corresponding decrease in the supplementary experience hours required to fulfill the departmental 360 contact hour requirement (See chart below). Internship/supplementary experiences may be served entirely in one semester or may be split amongst more than one semester. Credit may be earned by serving one internship/ supplementary experience or a combination of more than one internship and concurrent field experience. All internships must be approved by the Music Department to be eligible for academic credit.

  3. The completion of a 3 s.h. internship requires 120 hours of internship plus 240 concurrent hours of Supplementary Experience and successful completion of the required Music Department Learning Objectives and academic component to fulfill the Music Department Internship/Supplementary Experience requirement.
Internship Credits Requirements
Contact Hours
Required Contact Hours of
Concurrent Supplementary Experience
1 40 Hours 80
2 80 160
3 120 240
4 160 200
5 200 160
6 240 120
7 280 80
8 320 40
9 360 0
10 400 0
11 440 0
12 480 0
13 520 0
14 560 0
15 600 0



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