Music Performance Minor Requirements

Required Course Work: 2 s.h.

MUSC 270R - Aural Skills (2 s.h.)
The study of the techniques of musicianship known as sight-singing, ear training and transcription.

Music Performance: 14-21 s.h.
MUSC 170/270 - Applied Music (One Semester, 2-3 s.h.)
A study of vocal or instrumental music to develop musicianship and performance skills and to acquaint the student with repertoire. Instruction consists of studio or class study, with independent practice required. Credit depends on work load. Recital performances may be required. (LA) Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
Note: MUSC 270 listed in the ensemble category may not be used here.
MUSC 270 - Advanced Applied Music (Two Semesters, 4-6 s.h.)
Advanced individual or class study of vocal or instrumental repertoire. Particular emphasis placed on stylistic and artistic interpretation of music, based on mature musicianship and knowledge of correct performance practice. May be repeated for credit. (LA) Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
MUSC 170 & 270 must be accomplished on the student's primary instrument or voice.
Note: MUSC 270 listed in the ensemble category may not be used here.
MUSC 270/280 - Music Ensemble (Four Semesters, 8-12 s.h.)
A study of selected musical works through large and small ensembles. Students must complete four semesters of varied ensemble work, on their primary instrument, that includes one large, small and improvised music ensemble. Student's must perform in at least three different ensembles. Only MUSC 270/280 ensembles from each listed category may be used. (LA, C) Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

Large Ensembles
Concert Choir Catskill Symphony Concert Band
Classical Guitar Ensemble Chamber Orchestra Guitar Orchestra
Jazz Big Band  
Small Ensembles
Jazz Small Group Funk Band Chamber Singers
World Percussion Ensemble Jazz Octet Pop/Repertory Band
Zappa Band Guitar Ensemble Woodwind Ensemble
Brass Ensemble Rock Combo Percussion Ensemble
String Ensemble New Orleans Band
Improvised Music Ensembles
Jazz Small Group Funk Band World Percussion Ensemble
Jazz Octet R & B Band Rock Combo
Zappa Band Jazz Improvisation Pop/Repertory Band
*Performance ensembles may be substituted by the department chairperson if required.
Electives: 3 s.h.

MUSC 221 Contemporary Songwriting
MUSC 270 Composition
MUSC 351 Counterpoint MUSC 230 Advanced Songwriting
MUSC 350 Orchestration

Music Industry Majors completing this minor will need to complete 1 s.h. of music beyond those required for the major & minor to make up for excessive overlap.
This minor is not available to Music Majors.
Courses listed here may not be used to fulfill above requirements.

  Total 19-26 s.h.



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