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A Music Industry Internship/Field Experience is required for all students enrolled in the Music Industry Bachelor of Arts degree program at the SUNY Oneonta.

Music Industry internships may be served at an off-campus location in a professional field of the student's choice within the United States or abroad.

Interns work under the direct supervision of a designated employee of the host institution to gain professional experience. All interns will be assigned an internship faculty supervisor who will determine the student's grade for the internship course experience. Internships receive a grade P (Pass) or F (Fail).

Process Overview:

  • Contact the Music Department Internship Coordinator for advisement on internship opportunities or to get approval for the internship position and duties.
  • Check the Music Department website for a list of locations of previous Music Industry internships (see Internship Agency Contact Information); students are not limited to the agencies on this list. Internship
  • Agency Internship Contacts (password required)
  • Contact prospective agencies; send cover letter and resume, email and phone.
  • Discuss what you have found with the Music Department Internship Coordinator
  • When you have been offered an internship you would like to serve, submit the necessary Internship Application forms to the Music Department Secretary
  • Internship Approval, Registration and Forms

Music Department Requirements:

College Requirements:

  • Overall grade point average of at least 2.0
  • Passing grade on the College Writing Exam (prior to internship)
  • Completion of 57 semester hours (Jr. or Sr. standing), including a minimum of 12 s.h. at Oneonta.

Evaluation Overview:


  • Credit is P/F Only
  • Credits received are NOT Liberal Arts Credits, but will satisfy total upper division requirements
  • Credits earned 1-15 credits during Fall/Spring semester: 12 semester hours for Summer Internships
  • Credit WILL NOT BE given unless student has formally registered for the internship prior to starting the internship

What is the participating agency required to do?

  • No payment is required from the host agency, although many companies choose to pay students or reimburse students for travel and other expenses associated with the internship. Students are not prohibited from earning a salary.
  • Submit a brief one-page evaluation form which is provided to the agency by the Music Department.
    Sign internship application

Site Supervisor Evaluation of Student Intern
Internship Faculty Assessment of Student Accomplishment of Learning Outcomes
Letter to Sponsors

For additional information or if you have questions about this program please contact the SUNY Oneonta Music Department at 607-436-3415.

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