SUNY Oneonta

Internship Approval & Registration Forms


You should take the following into consideration PRIOR to registering for your internship.

  1. Students should discuss internship requirements and prerequisites with their faculty advisors and the Music Department Internship Coordinator, Dr. Janet Nepkie (
  2. Students who are receiving Financial Aid or grants should speak with their Financial Aid advisors about support and credits required.
  3. Students who are taking fewer than (six) 6 semester hours of credit should be sure of their health insurance status.
  4. Students should check to be sure they do not have a "hold" on your student records.
  5. In general, the completed internship registration forms should be received in the Music Office before the first class day of the semester in which the internship is to be served to avoid a SUNY late registration fee or a SUNY Oneonta add/drop late fee.
  6. After an internship has been started, students may not leave an internship or start a new internship without permission from the Oneonta Music Department Internship Coordinator.


During your internship interview or application process at the internship site, inform personnel at the site that you will be required to submit a minimum of six (6) internship duties to the Music Department Internship Coordinator for approval. Ask an internship site employee to provide you with a list of proposed duties.

Email the Music Department Internship Coordinator the internship name and location, and your list of six (6) specific duties BEFORE you submit your Internship Application forms to the Music Department.

ALL INTERNSHIP DUTIES must be approved by the Internship Coordinator PRIOR to internship registration and PRIOR to beginning ANY work hours at the internship site.

* REGISTRATION for the Music Department Internship MUST BE accomplished through the Music Department Office. Students MAY NOT REGISTER ONLINE for the internship.


There are three (3) pages to the internship application. Forms filled out in pencil WILL NOT BE accepted

  1. Complete and print the College Undergraduate Internship Application Form(Note: The signature of the on-site supervisor is required on this form and for internship registration.)
  2. Complete and print the Music Department Internship Form
  3. Complete and print the Proposed Duties Form

To complete the registration process all internship registration forms need to be submitted to the Music Department Office. Internship registration forms can be submitted using one of the following methods:

  • Forms can be submitted by fax to (607) 436-2718
  • Scanned/emailed to
  • Mailed by US mail to:

    SUNY Oneonta Music Dept.
    115 Fine Arts Bldg.
    Oneonta, NY 13820