Faculty Directory

Music Department
115 Fine Arts
State University of New York
Oneonta, NY 13820
E-mail: music@oneonta.edu
Telephone: (607) 436-3415
Fax: (607) 436-2718

Name Office E-mail Telephone
Aldridge, Benjamin
129 Fine Arts Bld. benjamin.aldridge@oneonta.edu 436-3190

Balins, Andris J.
Adjunct Lecturer

115 Fine Arts Bld. andris.balins@oneonta.edu 436-2273
Carter, Paul S.
Associate Professor
119 Fine Arts Bld. paul.carter@oneonta.edu 436-3423
Catskill Sym. Orchestra
215 Fine Arts Bld. cso@oneonta.edu 436-2670
Christopher DeGarmo
Adjunct Lecturer
123 Fine Arts Bld. Christopher.DeGarmo@oneonta.edu 436-3407
Falbush, Arthur
127 Fine Arts Bld. arthur.falbush@oneonta.edu 436-2823
Farrish, William
Adjunct Lecturer
125 Fine Arts Bld. bill@billfarish.com 436-3450
Fleming, Blake
Adjunct Lecturer
115 Fine Arts Bld. blake.fleming@oneonta.edu 436-3415
Gale, Kay A.
115A Fine Arts Bld. kay.gale@oneonta.edu 436-3415
Licata, Julie
Associate Professor
140 Fine Arts Bld. julie.licata@gmail.com 436-3441
Lipari, Robert
Adjunct Lecturer
130 Fine Arts Bld. robert.lipari@oneonta.edu 436-2833

Magill, Linda
Adjunct Lecturer

115 Fine Arts Bld. magill.linda@gmail.com 436-3415
Markuson, Stephen
Adjunct Lecturer
116 Fine Arts Bld. stephenH.markuson@oneonta.edu 436-3416

Masteller, Brett

124 Fine Arts Bld brett.masteller@oneonta.edu 436-2250
Mollin, Rich
Adjunct Lecturer
146 Fine Arts Bld. richard.mollin@oneonta.edu 436-3374
Nepkie, Janet
145 Fine Arts Bld. janet.nepkie@oneonta.edu 436-3425
Newton, Timothy
Associate Professor
117 Fine Arts Bld. timothy.newton@oneonta.edu 436-2216
Paterson, Kim
Adjunct Lecturer
129 Fine Arts Bld. kim.paterson@oneonta.edu 436-3415
Pawkett, Mark E.
Adjunct Lecturer
131 Fine Arts Bld. mark.pawkett@oneonta.edu 436-3440
Pignato, Joseph M.
Associate Professor
122 Fine Arts Bld. j.pignato@oneonta.edu 436-3463
Ploss, Timothy J.
Adjunct Lecturer
102A Milne Library timothy.ploss@oneonta.edu 436-2053
Roman, Robert M.
Associate Professor
142 Fine Arts Bld. robert.roman@oneonta.edu 436-2662

Salvaggio, Salvatore
Adjunct Lecturer

115 Fine Arts Bld. salvatore.salvaggio@oneonta.edu 436-3415
Scafide, Anthony
Assistant Professor
118 Fine Arts Bld. anthony.scafide@oneonta.edu 436-3471
Seletsky, Robin
Adjunct Lecturer
115 Fine Arts Bld. robin.seletsky@oneonta.edu 436-3415
Tarr, Nancy
Adjunct Lecturer
121 Fine Arts Bld. nancy.tarr@oneonta.edu 436-3412
Thomas, Colby
147 Fine Arts Bld. colby.thomas@oneonta.edu 436-2298

Tucker, Marie
Adjunct Lecturer

117 Fine Arts Bld. marie.tucker@oneonta.edu 436-3385
Turechek, Kristina
Adjunct Lecturer
148 Fine Arts Bld. kristina.turechek@oneonta.edu 436-3385
Wall, Jeremy
Associate Professor
120 Fine Arts Bld. jeremy.wall@oneonta.edu 436-3457



The SUNY Oneonta Music Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.
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