Academic Clubs

American Marketing
The Marketing club is an S.A affiliated student organization. Its officers are expected to manage our campus chapter of the American Marketing Association for the benefit of its student members as well as the many other constituencies which the Marketing Club endeavors to serve Some of the positions include but are not limited to Vice President of Computer Services, Fundraising, Community Service, Advertising , and Programs.

Art Club
It shall be the purpose of this organization to promote the interest of ART in the campus community. Activities may include sponsorship of exhibitions, trips of aesthetic interest, guest lectures and artists, exchange programs of student artists, promotion of high performance standards, fellow ships of artist, and other projects deemed worthy by the club and its officers.

Computer Art Club
This Organization is dedicated to the promotion of computer graphics through video editing; graphics design work, and digital fine art. We believe that in order to stay in step with the constantly evolving graphic industry, we must branch out into as many activities and ventures as possible. This will be accomplished by extending a hand to various campus organizations and local businesses with a purpose of helping them with advertising and design work. This will also allow for career preparation of its members.

Music Industry Club
The Music Industry Club, as an academic based organization, shall offer its members the opportunity to gain knowledge, insight, experience and artistic development in relation to the music industry by interacting with it on a local, regional, national, and global level. Interacting with the music industry shall be conducted through but not limited to, the organizing of trips, conferences, concerts, alumni events, panel discussions ,reviewing and funding responsible proposals and the publication of a student based compilation album produced under the name Red

Dragon Records
The Music Industry Club shall act as a liaison between the Music Department and the students enrolled in the Music Industry major by expressing the personal, technological, artistic and academic needs of students to the Music Department and the Administration governing the school. Also to provide Music entertainment and opportunities for the college community. Located in the Fines Arts building Music Department Room 135 contact them at (607) 436-3123.

Pre-Law Organization
The Pre- Law Society is established to aid its members and assist in preparing them for a career in law. The pre-law organization is great club to join and resume builder if your interested in a career in the entertainment law field.


The SUNY Oneonta Music Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.
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