MCS Computer Lab


When recruiting lab monitors under the Math/CSCI/Stat 295 label, an application for teaching assistantship needs to be filed, by the sponsoring faculty member (called instructor), with the department office. Forms are available in the top drawer of the file cabinet in the copy room. Similarly, for MTHE 293 an individual enrollment form from the registrar needs to be filed by the sponsoring faculty member, with the department office. After registration for the course, the student should visit the chair of the laboratory committee (Goutziers, FH 230) for scheduling of their laboratory time.

Student monitors under the Math/CSCI/Stat 295 and MTHE 293 labels are subject to the following:

  • Student monitors should be sponsored by a faculty member, pre ferably in their specific area of study.
  • Student monitors should serve at least two hours per week for every credit hour earned.
  • Student monitors should meet on a regular basis with the sponsoring faculty member to report on course related activities.

Course descriptions for Math/CSCI/Stat 295 and MTHE 293 are listed below.

Math 295: Teaching Assistantship in Mathematics. 1 - 3 s.h.
Teaching assistants in mathematics will assist the mathematics faculty with correcting homework assignments, supervise the Mathematical Sciences laboratory, and provide tutorial help to students enrolled in the introductory (100 level) mathematics courses. Prerequisites: SoS and at least 9 s.h. in Math, Math GPA of at least 2.5 and permission of instructor.

Stat 295: Teaching Assistantship in Statistics. 2 - 3 s.h.
Assisting the statistics faculty with the preparation of class material and Computer Lab assignments, correcting homework assignments, providing statistical consulting, supervising the Computer Lab, and providing tutorial help to students enrolled in the introductory statistics courses. Prerequisites: At least 9 s.h. in Stat and permission of instructor.

CSCI 295: Teaching Assistantship in Computer Science. 1 - 3 s.h.
Teaching assistants in CS will perform lab monitor duties (provide introduction to the network, and operating system) to students. Additionally, CS assistants will be able to provide informed tutorial in a specific language (C or Pascal, for example). They will provide one on one tutoring and also hand out , oversee and provide assistance in lab worksheets or projects. (There is a series of 9 lab worksheets reviewing course concepts, and there are 8 - 10 hand-in programs.) Assistants will keep track of who has completed lab worksheets. Student assistants will review labs and student progress with an instructor. Prerequisite: CSCI 114 or 116, CSCI 201, and permission of instructor.

MTHE 293: Supervised Tutorial Experience. ; 1 - 3 s.h.
Tutoring and small group instruction with students enrolled in 100-level mathematics courses, and/or with students in area schools. Performs as a teaching assistant under the supervision of a mathematics instructor. Evaluation based on direct observation of performance. May be repeated for up to 4 s.h. credit. Prerequisites: JrS or SrS, and permission of instructor.

Lab Monitor Rules and Regulations

  • Never leave the lab unattended. When leaving the facility make sure that either the next lab monitor is present or that the lab is empty and the doors are locked.
  • If the facility is locked upon your arrival, then go to the Math office or find one of the following faculty: Alex (FH 228), Goutziers (FH 230), Hildreth (FH 236), Ryder (FH 222).
  • Make sure that students using the Lab honor the provided sign-in sheets.
  • Screensavers are not permitted and should be removed by the lab monitor.
  • Periodically clean the monitor screens and trash any garbage left on the premises.
  • The last monitor of the day should make sure that the machines are shut down and that all the windows of the Lab and the commons room are closed and locked.