frequently asked questions / top ten list

1. You can present previously completed projects, works in progress, or research that's just been initiated.

2. You can present in a variety of formats (poster, PowerPoint, video/DVD, hands-on exhibit);
we can provide presentation materials and computer/media equipment.

3. You have the support of the fabulous Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center staff in preparing posters.

4. You don't have to be present for the entire show, and Grants Development Office staff will assist
with setting up and monitoring your presentation.

5. You can meet and network with your faculty colleagues from across the disciplines.

6. You have the opportunity to showcase your scholarly efforts to academic and administrative officials.

7. You can wow your students with your impressive scholarly activities!

8. You can use or modify your presentation for other conferences and venues.

9. You can add your participation to your curriculum vitae.

10. Hospitality suite!

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