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{list of presentations}

* indicates undergraduate student; ** indicates graduate student

Tracy Allen (Geography / Environmental Sciences)
New Island and Electric Lake: A Landscape in Transition

Gustavo Arango (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
Serendipity: A Photographic Journey Through Sri Lanka

William Ashbaugh (History) & Shintarou Mizushima (Doshisha University)
Peace Through Understanding: Science Fiction Anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Critizes U.S. Aggression

Nancy Bachman & Tami LaPilusa (Biology), Tze-Wen Gong & Margaret Lomax (University of Michigan)
Multiple Distinct Heat Shock Factor 1 Isoforms Can Activate Mouse hsp27

Scott Barton & Phil Bidwell (Facilities Planning), Joshua Frye (Communication Arts),
Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Hannah Morgan (Finance & Administration), Donna Vogler (Biology)
Stormwater Flow at SUNY Oneonta: Where Does it All Go?

Paul Bauer (Economics, Finance & Accounting) & Geffrey Gerdes (Federal Reserve Board of Governors)
Network Economies and Innovation: Lessons from the Transiton to Check 21

Heather Beach, Mary Lynn Bensen, Lyndsie Robinson, Lois Baldwin, Nancy Cannon, Andrea Gerberg (Milne Library) & Ellen Hersey*
Milne Library Archives and Special Collections

Jacqueline Bennett & Maurice Odago (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
TLTC Tablet Innovation Grant 2013: Results from the iPad Mini Project in Elementary Organic Chemistry

Tracy K. Betsinger (Anthropology) & Maria O. Smith (Dept. of Anthropology, Illinois State University)
To Eat or Not to Eat? Dietary Trends in Prehistoric East Tennessee

Julia Blau (Psychology), Amanda Villano*, Robert LeDone* & Chloe Savitch* (SUNY Purchase)
Rated M for Mastery: Fractal Fit and Success in World of Warcraft

Michael Brown (Psychology)
Predictors of Verdict Change: The Role of Need for Cognition and Authoritarianism in Jury Deliberations

Nancy Burnett (Communication Arts)
The Battle for Water: One Big City and Many Little Towns

Nancy Cannon (Milne Library) & William Simons (History)
The Enga, Papua New Guinea, 1955

Christina Verano Carter (Anthropology)
Magic Properties and Underworld Spirits of the Filipino "Haunted House"

Joseph Chiang (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Energy Efficiency

Yun-Jung Choi (Human Ecology)
Experiential Learning (EL) in Fashion Marketing Class: Using a Stock Trading Project

Charlene Christie (Psychology), Brittany Mabie*
Swinging Singles and Cozy Couples: College Students' Stereotypes of Relationship Status

Barbara J. Durkin (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)
Gigonomics and the New World of Employment - Strategies for Success

Leigh Fall (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Gregory Dietl (Paleontological Research Institution / Cornell University) &
Michelle Casey (University of Kansas)
Nitrogen Isotopes Recorded in a Naticid Gastropod from Long Island Sound

Michael Faux (Physics & Astronomy)
The Higgs Boson as a Hologram

Jill Fielhaber, Tami LaPilusa, Nancy Bachman & Anthony Marmet* (Biology), Nisha Paradkadavil (Psychology)
Epitope-Tagged Plasmids for HSF1 Isoform Expression in Mouse Cells

Kathryn Finin (English)
Infusing Sustainability Throughout the SUNY Oneonta Curriculum: Sustainable Susquehanna Faculty Workshop

Paul French (Physics & Astronomy)
Energy Loss in Totally Inelastic Collisions

Trevor Fuller (Geography)
The Politics of Pollution: Co-Optation, Disinvestment, and Environmental Injustice

Kelly Gallagher (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Homology Modeling Study of a Protein Involved in the ER-Associated Degradation Pathway

Andrew C. Gallup (Psychology) & Jorg Massen (Dept. of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna)
The Influence of Political Status and In-Group Affiliation on Auditory Contagious Yawning in Humans

James Greenberg (Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center)
Big Data Social Analytics at SUNY Oneonta

James Greenberg (Teaching, Learning & Technology Center)
Big Data on a Small(er) Campus: Use of Large-Scale Text Analysis by a Comprehensive PUI

Mette Harder (History)
Beyond the Terror: Political Purges in the French Revolution, 1789-1799

Les Hasbargen & Devin Castendyk (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Leandra Keefe (Barton & Loguidice), Fiona Lowry (University of Minnesota School of Public Health), Myles Moore*, Joseph Spaulding*, Alayna Fuess*
Groundwater Geochemistry: Are Wells Unique? A Case Study from Upstate New York

Jeffrey Heilveil & Tai LaPilusa (Biology)
Faculty Research Grants: Facilitating Research Tool Development, Fostering International Collaboration,
and Enabling Publication Generation, Graduate Program Enhancement, and Undergraduate Course Enhancement

Matthew Hendley (History), Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry & Biochemistry) & Michelle Hendley (Milne Library)
Contributions of African Americans to Science and Engineering: A Presentation and Data Gathering Display

Michelle Hendley (Milne Library)
Are Physical Spaces Still Essential in Academic Libraries? The Results of Milne Library's Locked Study Carrel Survey

Michelle Hendley (Milne Library)
Citation Behavior of Undergraduate Students: A Study of History, Political Science, and Sociology Papers in Behavioral & Social Sciences

George Hovis (English)
Historical Fiction, '70s Civil Rights, and Pop Culture

Keith Jones (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
Routes to Infinity: Asymptotic Behavior in the Lamplighter Group

Toke Knudsen (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics)
Sine Tables in Indian Astronomy

Michael P. Koch (Philosophy)
Reason and Tiantai Buddhism

Sunil Labroo & Russell Kastberg* (Physics & Astronomy)
Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Switching Circuit for Hall Effect Measurements

Wendy Lascell (Geography / Center for Social Responsibility and Community)
The Use of Service Learning in a Variety of Disciplines at SUNY Oneonta

Orlando Legname (Music)
Augmented Conductor: An Approach to Music Interactive Systems

Paul H. Lord (Biology / Biological Field Station), Timothy N. Pokorny (Biological Field Station)
Solutions Protecting Our Lakes From Invasive Species

Paul H. Lord (Biology / Biological Field Station), Timothy N. Pokorny (Biological Field Station), Shelby D. Zemken*
Pearly Mussels in Unadilla River Watershed

Paul H. Lord (Biology / Biological Field Station), James P. Vogler (Biology), Joseph W. Zarzynski (BFS Volunteer Diver)
Biological Field Station Volunteer Divers Team Locates 1948 Plane Wreck in Otsego Lake

Brian M. Lowe (Sociology) & Brett Heindl (Political Science)
Engaging Big Data at 3,000 Feet

James Michels, Sunil Labroo & Kajee Kodrich-Quick* (Physics & Astronomy)
Study of the Techniques for Noise Reduction in a Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect Measurement Setup

Carolyn Nersesian (Biology), Peter B. Banks (University of New South Wales), Clare McArthur (University of Sydney)
Titrating the Cost of Plant Toxins Against Predators: Determining the Tipping Point for Foraging Herbivores

Rhea Nowak (Art), Patrick Capriglione* & Chris Flagg*
Introducing Photo Intaglio Printmaking

Tyra Olstad (Geography)
Zen of the Plains

Joseph Pignato (Music), Kiki Keren-Huss & Lior Pinsky (Musrara School, Israel)
War Again: A Distributed Performance Piece

Florian B. Reyda (Biology / Biological Field Station)
The Food Web of Otsego Lake, NY from a Parasitological Perspective

Florian B. Reyda (Biology / Biological Field Station) & Laura Reyda (Project Buena Vista)
Conservation, Community, and Education at Project Buena Vista: A Gateway to the Peruvian Amazon

Sean Robinson (Biology)
Bryophyte Diversity on Adirondack Alpine Summits is Maintained by Dissemination and Establishment
of Vegetative Fragments and Spores

Sean Robinson (Biology) & Alexander Lawrence*
Bryophyte Reproduction and Dispersal in a Mixed Hardwood Forest

Elizabeth Seale (Sociology) & Tiffany Taylor (Kent State University)
A Comparative Case Study of Welfare-to-Work Service Delivery in North Carolina and Ohio

Anuradhaa Shastri (Educational Psychology, Counseling & Special Education),
Jen-Ting Wang (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics) & Sundari Gandhi (Maharishi Dayanand College, Mumbai, India)
How Students Learn - Examining What They Say and What They Do!

Elizabeth Small (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
Professors Who Speak English With An Accent: A Common Situation Requiring a Practical Approach

Robert Sulman (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
The Little Theorem That Could: A Construction That Generates Small Sets of Pseudoprimes

Trang Tran (Management, Marketing & Information Sytems)
National Brands or Private Brands? A Regulatory Focus Perspective

Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs (Secondary Education) & Anita Levine (Elementary Education & Reading)
Renegade Teachers: The Relationship to Happiness and Hope

Donna Vogler (Biology), Eleanor Sterling, Adriana Bravo & Ana Porzecanski (American Museum of Natural History),
Nora Bynum (Duke University), Michelle Cawthorn (Georgia Southern University),
Laurie Freeman (Fulton-Montgomery Community College), Stuart Ketcham (University of the Virgin Islands),
Tim Leslie (Long Island University), John Mull (Weber State University), Theresa Theodose (University of Southern Maine)
Student Interpretation of Conservation Data: Does Their Reach Exceed Their Grasp?

Stephen M. Walsh (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)
Implementing the Organizational Sales Plan

David Wong (Biology / Biological Field Station), Jennifer Vanassche*, Paul Lord, Willard Harman (Biology / Biological Field Station), James Vogler (Biology), Matthew Albright (Biological Field Station)
Invasive Zebra Mussels Living on Hard Substrates of Otsego Lake, New York

Betty Wabui (Africana & Latino Studies / Women's and Gender Studies)
Advocacy and Collaboration at the Margins in the Face of Gentrification: The Case of Eastlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Kiyoko Yokota (Biology) & Aryk Bingham* (University of Tampa)
Eutrophication Investigation

Sen Zhang (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
Mining Embedded Subtrees from Rooted Ordered Labeled Trees

James Zians (Psychology)
Anger Induction Produces Sadness

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