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James Zians (Psychology), Michael Elliot, Steve Marion, Paul Rus, Alexandra Stark (SUNY Oneonta students): Trait Anger and Depression: Static Group Comparison on Blaming, Need for Power, Cooperativeness and Parental Conflict

Sen Zhang (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics): Some Preliminary Results of a Graph Mining Algorithm Design: Finding Frequent Directed Induced Sub-graphs

Sen Zhang (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics). Andrew Perry, Nancy Cannon (Milne Library), Alex Jean-Charles (Secondary Education), James Antonakos (Broome County Community College), Arthur Hoskey (Farmingdale State College), Cynthia V. Marcello (SUNY Sullivan), Howard Reed (SUNY Delhi): Developing a Semi-standardized and Accessible Introduction to Computer Science Course for the SUNY System: A SUNY IITG Project Progress Report

Kiyoko Yokota (Biology/Biological Field Station), David Snyder, Colleen Parker (SUNY Oneonta students): Mercury Concentrations in Fish Tissue Relative to Length and Weight: Goodyear Lake, Otsego County NY

Kiyoko Yokota (Biology/Biological Field Station), Holly Waterfield (Biological Field Station), Emily Davidson (SUNY Oneonta student), Cody Hastings (RIT student): Development of Methods to Characterize and Extract Plastic Microparticles from Personal Cleansing Products

Kiyoko Yokota (Biology/Biological Field Station), Carter Bailey, Derek Johnson, Jason Luce, Caitlin Stroosnyder (SUNY Oneonta graduate students), David Wong, Willard Harman (Biology/Biological Field Station): What Do Lake Watershed Residents Want? Surveys of Four Lakes in Central New York by Lake Managers in Training

Jing Yang (Management, Marketing & Information Systems): The Impact of Product Reviews on Purchase Intention: A Study Based on the Theory of Reasoned Action

David Wong (Biology/Biological Field Station), Jennifer Vanassche (SUNY Oneonta student), Paul H. Lord (Biology/Biological Field Station), Matthew Albright, Willard Harman (Biological Field Station), James Vogler (Biology): Ecology of Invasive Zebra Mussels in Otsego Lake: Abundance, Distribution, and Impacts

Jennifer Withington (Biology), Marc Goebel (Cornell University), Bartosz Bulaj (Poznan University of Life Sciences), Jacek Oleksyn (The University of Minnesota and Polish Academy of Sciences), Peter Reich (The University of Minnesota and Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment), David Eissenstat (The Pennsylvania State University): Fine Root Production and Phenology in an Eight-year Minirhizotron Study of Tree Species in a Common Garden

Bill Wilkerson (Political Science): Measuring Supreme Court Case Salience Through Web Searches

Donna Vogler (Biology), Jon Beiswanger, Sara-June Bouillon, Emily Caboot, Trista Dockstader, Danny Donaghy, Kayla Earls, Chris Fairweather, Faith Fourjour, Dan Gilheany, Amanda Helseth, Kristen Koenig, Nick Muehlbauer, Todd Nichols, Ligia Pineda, Caralaina Pistone, Melissa Sullivan (SUNY Oneonta students): A Campus-wide Invasive Plant Survey at SUNY Oneonta

Trang Tran, William Weinell (Management, Marketing & Information Systems), Katherine Lasak (SUNY Oneonta student): From Customer Behavior to Student Attitude: How Do Schools Learn?

Gayane Torosyan (Communication & Media): Because Futball: U.S. Audiences and the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Michelle Hendley (Milne Library), Matthew Hendley (History): Contributions of African Americans to Science and Engineering: Part II – Additional Data Gathering

Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry & Biochemistry): Preliminary Determination of the Characteristics of Silver Creek Water: A Project Based Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry

Elizabeth Small (Foreign Languages & Literatures): 'El hogar desierto': Regionalism and Emigration in the Poetry of Rosalía de Castro

Philip Sirianni (Economics, Finance & Accounting), Michael O’Hara (Colgate University): Carbon Efficiency of U.S. Colleges and Universities: A Nonparametric Assessment

Ursula Sanborn-Overby (Psychology), Kimberly Powlishta (Saint Louis University): Why it is Worse to be a Sissy than a Tomboy: The Sexual Orientation Hypothesis

Sean Robinson (Biology), Steven Rice, Kyle Pilkington (Union College):Productivity and δ13C in Sphagnum Mosses across Climatic and Nitrogen Deposition Gradients

Chilton Reynolds (Information Technology Services), Tracy H. Allen (Geography): COIL at SUNY Oneonta

Florian B. Reyda (Biology/Biological Field Station): Searching for the Marine Relatives of Tapeworms of Neotropical Freshwater Stingrays

Sasha Ramlal (Elementary Education & Reading): Co-Constructed Identities and Literacy Practices: How Identities of One Teacher and Her First Grade Students are Enacted and Co-constructed through Literacy Practices and a Third Space

Joseph Pignato (Music): Musrara Mix: Technologically Mediated Poiesis in Music Collaboration

Hyejune Park (Human Ecology): Course Enhancement Project: Incorporating Sustainability into Fashion Curriculum

Joshua Nollenberg (Physics & Astronomy): Searching for Dust in the Intracluster Media of Galaxy Groups and Clusters

María Cristina Montoya (Foreign Languages & Literatures), Carol Dean (Secondary Education): Building Partnerships, Practices and Proficiencies in San Andrés, Colombia

Brian Lowe (Sociology), Brett Heindl (Political Science): Public Discourse as Reflected through Social Media: Investigating Influence through Mining Social Media

Paul H. Lord (Biology/Environmental Sciences, BFS volunteer diver), Timothy N. Pokorny (Biological Field Station, BFS volunteer diver): Catskills Watershed Steward Program: A SUNY Oneonta Biological Field Station (BFS) and Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP) Collaboration

Paul H. Lord (Biology/Environmental Sciences, BFS volunteer diver): Blue Jeans: Sail Boat Returned to Pathfinder Camp after 19 Years

Paul H. Lord (Biology/Environmental Sciences, BFS volunteer diver), Timothy N. Pokorny (Biological Field Station, BFS volunteer diver), Luke J. Gervase (SUNY Oneonta graduate student, BFS volunteer diver): Exotic Freshwater Jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbyi) in Otsego Lake

Paul H. Lord (Biology/Environmental Sciences, BFS volunteer diver), Timothy N. Pokorny (Biological Field Station, BFS volunteer diver): Biocontrol of Myriophyllum spicatum in Three Connecticut and New York Lakes

Ho Hon Leung (Sociology), Raymond Lau, Anna Paola Cipolloni: (Re)presenting Lung Tsun Stone Bridge, Hong Kong

Vicky Lentz (Biology), Devin McShane, Michael Marinello, Zachary Williamson (SUNY Oneonta students): Preliminary Studies of the Immune Response of American Eels (Anguilla rostrata) to Glochidia of the Eastern Elliptio Freshwater Pearly Mussel (Elliptio complanata)

Tami LaPilusa, Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology): Microsatellite Genetic Marker Development for Gecarcinid Land Crabs in The Bahamas

Tami LaPilusa (Biology), Kayla Earls (SUNY Oneonta student): Crab Pen Survey and Harvest Analysis of the Land Crab, Cardisoma GuanhumiLatrielle (Decapoda: Gecarcinidae), Fishery in The Bahamas

Achim Koeddermann (Philosophy), Meghan Wilcox (SUNY Oneonta student): Towards Comprehensive Water Ethics: Fair and Just Water Distribution along the Silk Road

Cynthia Klink, Renee Walker, Nicole Weigel (Anthropology): Exploring the Archaic Period at the Pine Lake Archaeological Site

Matthew Hendley (History): Preliminary Field Work on the History of Housing in Hong Kong

Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology), Joanna Salvino (SUNY Oneonta graduate student): Reservoirs as Population Isolation Mechanisms

Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology): SUNY Oneonta–State Agency Collaborations: Win–Win for Students, DEC, and Otters

Les Hasbargen (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Cynthia Klink, Renee Walker (Anthropology), Emmon Johnson (Information Technology Services): Combining Archaeology, Sedimentology, and GPR Stratigraphy to Elucidate Floodplain Development, Charlotte Creek, NY

Les Hasbargen (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Derek Walling (SUNY Oneonta student): Monitoring Stream Bank Migration with Photographs and Structure-from-Motion Object Reconstruction

April Harper (History): Adultery in Anglo-Norman Law and Literature

Willard Harman, David Wong, Kiyoko Yokota, Matthew Albright, Holly Waterfield (Biological Field Station): M.S. In Lake Management Program--Guiding the Management of New York Lakes Through Graduate Student Mentorship

Sallie Han (Anthropology), Anne Gadomski (Bassett Research Institute, Cooperstown, NY): A Healthy Love of Reading: Preliminary Findings from a Study on Literacy Practices at the Pediatric Well Child Visit

Joshua Hammonds (Communication & Media), Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology): A Model on Privacy Control: Examining the Criteria that Predict the Likelihood to Reveal Private Information within Social Relationships

James Greenberg (Information Technology Services): Super Computer Access Through a Web Browser

Melissa Godek (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences): Conducting Scientific Research with Undergraduates in a Classroom Setting

Simona Ileana Giura (Management, Marketing & Information Systems), T. Ravichandran (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute): The Impact of Network Resources on Firms' Competitive Actions: Evidence from the Telecommunication Industry

Andrew C. Gallup (Psychology), Allyson Church, Heather Miller (SUNY Oneonta students): The Influence of Social Presence on Human Contagious Yawning Frequency in the Laboratory

Andrew C. Gallup (Psychology), Janine Militello, Lexington Swartwood, Serena Sackett (SUNY Oneonta students): Experimental Evidence of Behavioral Contagion and Ingroup Bias in Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus)

Kelly Gallagher (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Nancy Bachman (Biology), Shannen Bolde, Alyssa Rothfuss (SUNY Oneonta students): Identification, Cloning, and Characterization of the C-terminal Domain of CGI-112, a Protein Involved in the ER-associated Degradation Pathway

Hugh Gallagher, Jr. (Physics & Astronomy), Bridget Chartrand, Andrew Kulesa, Charles Remilard (SUNY Oneonta students): Deducing the Dielectric Strength of Air from Van de Graaff Generator Electrical Discharges

Trevor Fuller (Geography), Antonina Savvinova, Viktoria Filippova (North Eastern Federal University): Wolves and Gold: Climate Change and Industrial Development in Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia

Gregory Fulkerson, Alexander Thomas (Sociology): Measuring and Predicting Community Downtown Economic Success in Central New York

Paul French, James Michels (Physics & Astronomy): Measuring the Velocity Dependence of Friction in Atwood’s Machine

Barbara J. Durkin (Management, Marketing & Information Systems): Gigonomics – Strategies for Success

Mary Ann Dowdell (Human Ecology): Application of the Nutrition Care Process in a Community Health Intervention: A Senior Dietetics Service Learning Project

Charlene Christie (Psychology): Evaluating Peers in Cyberspace: The Impact of Anonymity

Yun-Jung Choi (Human Ecology): Diversity and Student Cultural Organization

Joseph Chiang (Chemistry & Biochemistry): Water Chemistry: The Importance of Water

Devin Castendyk (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Ian Hawes (University of Canterbury, New Zealand), Scott Tyler (University of Nevado, Reno): Diurnal Variations in Thermohaline Circulation Measured in Lake Vanda, Antarctica

Paul Carter (Music): Arranging for Hooked On Tonics: A "Medley of Michael Jackson" for their Performance at the 2014 Arts and Humanities Commencement

Nancy Cannon (Milne Library), William Simons (History): Inside the Republic of China: 1948-1949 – Letters and Photographs of Norma Lenschow

Michael Brown (Psychology): The Role of Homophobia and Gender Role Beliefs in Mock Juror Decisions About Same-Sex Statutory Rape Cases

Heather Beach, Lyndsie Robinson, Mary Lynn Bensen, Lois Baldwin, Elise DeAndrea (Milne Library): Faculty Publications in Special Collections

Paul Bauer (Economics, Finance & Accounting): Which is the Drag on US States' per Capita Incomes: Tropicality or Lack of Civil Rights?

Nancy Bachman, Jill Fielhaber, Kel Lee Hassman (Biology): Tracking Heat Shock Factor 1 Isoforms in Mouse Cells

William Ashbaugh (History): General versus Specific in Doing Local History: San Clemente and Hanford Mills Museum as Case Studies

Tracy H. Allen (Geography/Environmental Sciences): Causes of Catastrophic Flooding in Bangladesh


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