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Nancy J. Bachman & Tami LaPilusa (Biology), Tze-wen Gong & Margaret I. Lomax (The University of Michigan)
Expression of mRNAs for Two Novel Isoforms of Mouse Heat Shock Factor 1 in Mouse Cells and Tissues

Heather Beach, Mary Lynn Bensen, Andrea Gerberg & Anne McFarland (Milne Library) & Emily Hunter (SUNY Oneonta student)
Milne Library Special Collections

Tracy K. Betsinger (Anthropology) & Amy B. Scott (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg)
Fetal Identity in the Archaeological Record: A View from Post-Medieval Poland

Paul Bischoff (Education),Todd Ellis (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Paul French (Physics & Astronomy),
John Schaumloffel (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Reflective Pathways: Analysis of an Urban Science Teaching Field Experience on Noyce Scholar-Adolescent Science Education Awardees' Decision to Teach Science in a High-Need New York City School

Ronald E. Bishop (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Historical Analysis of Oil and Gas Well Plugging in New York: Is the Regulatory System Working?

Michael Brown (Psychology)
The Role of Need for Cognition, Homophobia, and Gender Role Beliefs in the Acceptance of Stereotypes of Sexual Minorities

Paul Carter (Music)
Fleet Foxes' Helplessness Blues as Portrayal of Reality and Fantasy through Narrative and Musical Devices

Grace Chen (Biology) & Doug Schemske (Michigan State University)
Local Adaptation in Two Sister Species of Neotropical Costus (Costaceae)

Yun-Jung Choi (Human Ecology)
Emotional Attachment to Mobile Devices

Yun-Jung Choi & Hyejune Park (Human Ecology)
Global Fashion Companies' Strategies on Social Network Websites

Charlene Christie (Psychology)
Personal vs. Social Identity Threats: Different Reactions of Men and Women

Amy Crouse-Powers (CADE), William Vining (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Carolyn Nasr & Kathryn Wood (SUNY Oneonta students)
ACE = Academic Course Excellence in CHEM 111

Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
A Narrative of American Whalers and Their Impact in Early Colonial Australia

Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
Invisible Female Clothing Workers: Seamstresses and Dressmakers in the Nineteenth Century

Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
From Plains Space to Lunar Space: The Development of Early Space Suits

Michael Faux (Physics & Astronomy)
Higgs Bosons in a Supersymmetric World

Jill Fielhaber (Biology) & Arnold Kristof (McGill University)
Regulation of STAT1 and Cellular Suicide by mTOR

Gwen Frank (Elementary Education & Reading)
The Case of Migrant Students and Gifted Education Services

Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology)
News Coverage of Fracking: How the Issue is Being Framed by English Language Newspapers

Kelly Gallagher (Chemistry & Biochemistry) & Paul French (Physics & Astronomy)
Nanoscience Workshops for Middle School Students

Kelly Gallagher (Chemistry & Biochemistry), James Orezzoli, Omar Burris & Cassidy Dineen (SUNY Oneonta students)
Structural Studies of Proteins Involved in the ER-Associated Degradation Pathway

Melissa Godek (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Katrina Frank (University of Miami), Steven Quiring (Texas A&M University)
An Evaluation of January Temperature Anomalies in the United States Utilizing a Synoptic Climatological Approach

James Greenberg & Chilton Reynolds (Teaching, Learning & Technology Center),
Jennifer Bueche (Human Ecology), Elaine Lawrence (Secondary Education)
Best Practices in Teaching Online

Sallie Han (Anthropology)
The Chemical Pregnancy: Technology and the Making of a New Reproductive Experience

Les Hasbargen (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
The Catskill Headwaters Research Institute: Monitoring Local Watershed Issues with Long-Range Consequences

Roger Hecht (English)
Talking Picture (poetry collection)

Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology), Christine Picucci & Rachel M. Stevenson (SUNY Oneonta graduate students)
Development of Microsatellite Markers for Fishflies, Alderflies, and Dobsonflies: Paving the Way for Fine-Scale Population Genetics

Karen Joest (Human Ecology), Angella Kim, Brittany Hunt & Bayla Akulin (SUNY Oneonta students)
Hearing Their Voices: Building a Future

Keith Jones (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
Connections in Mathematics: The Tower of Hanoi and the Seirpinski Gasket, Entwined by Self-Similar Groups and Finite State Automata

Toke Knudsen (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics) & Christopher Minkowski (University of Oxford)
Jñānarāja's Ṛtuvarṇana: A Poem of Seasonal Description

Michael Koch (Philosophy)
Reason: Adventurous, Ambidexter, and Corrigible

Achim D. Koeddermann (Philosophy)
Construction of a Civil Society, Sustainable Alternatives to Tragedies of the Commons

Orlando Legname (Music)
Transforming Gesture Into Sounds - An Approach to Interactive Computer Music

Anita Levine (Elementary Education & Reading)
An Analysis of Instructional Strategies and Activities for Teaching Preservice Teachers Lesson Plan Alignment

Ho Hon Leung (Sociology), Matthew Hendley (History), Stephanie Bradshaw, Melody Grapes, Sharon Hillman, Alexander Levy, Caroline Prozer & Alexandra O'Donnell (SUNY Oneonta students)
Consuming Shikumen: A Unique Residential Architecture in Shanghai, China

Paul H. Lord & Timothy N. Pokorny (Biological Field Station)
Catskill Watershed Stewards: A Biological Field Station & Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP) Collaboration

Paul H. Lord & Timothy N. Pokorny (Biological Field Station)
Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) Biocontrol Insect in DeRuyter Reservoir, Madison County, NY

James H. Michels & Sunil Labroo (Physics Astronomy)
Magnetic Thin Film Analyses Using an Optical Modulation System

Wendy Mitteager (Geography, Center for Social Responsibility & Community [CSRC]) & Linda Drake (CSRC)
Providing Disaster Relief to Local Communities: Volunteerism and Service Learning Following Hurricanes Irene and Lee

Maria Cristina Montoya (Foreign Languages & Literatures) & Carol S. Dean (Education)
Enhancing Immersion Experiences Through Service Learning in San Andrés,Colombia

Eileen Morgan-Zayachek (English)
Radio & the Irish Literary Revival: Austin Clarke's Poetic Broadcasts

Laura Munteanu (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
A Study of Mathematical Control Systems Via Trajectory Pairing

Rhea Nowak (Art)

Maurice Odago & William Vining (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Kyle McCaleb (SUNY Oneonta student)
Synthesis of Ferrocenyl-Substituted N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Ligands and Their Precursors as Host-Guest Electrochemical Sensors

Tyra Olstad (Geography)
Paleontological Resource Management on Public Lands

Joseph Pignato (Music)
foolsbook: Collaboration Across Great Distance

Larissa Ranbom (Psychology)
Reading and Speech Perception: Do We Know What We Never Hear?

Florian B. Reyda (Biology / Biological Field Station) & Laura Reyda (Project Buena Vista, Inc.)
Project Buena Vista, A Practical Example of Rain Forest Conservation

Keith Schillo (Biology)
Toward Development of a State-of-the-Art Learning Environment for Human Anatomy and Physiology

Naomi Shanguhyia (Geography)
Mapping Rural Change Trajectories: Land Use and Land Cover Change in Rural Western Kenya

Anuradhaa Shastri (Education), Jen-Ting Wang (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics),
Madhura Kesarkar (Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Womens University, Mumbai, India)
An International Study on Millennial College Students: What Motivates Them and How Do They Learn?

Timothy Sheesley (Project Space Art Gallery)
Hidden Images in the Milne Library

Jason Smolinski (Physics & Astronomy)
Astronomical Facilities at SUNY Oneonta for Teaching, Scholarship, and Service to the Community

Robert Sulman (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
Orbits Under Polynomials that Coincide with Subgroups of the Units of Z/nZ

Ying Tang (Educational Psychology, Counseling & Special Education)
Examining Students' Dispositions

Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Michelle Hendley (Milne Library), Matthew Hendley (History),
Franly Rosario & Omar Burris (SUNY Oneonta students)
Contributions of African Americans to Science and Engineering

Bill Vining (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Susan Young (Hartwick College),
Roberta Day & Beatrice Botch (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
The OWLBook: A New Kind of Textbook

Emily Vogel (English)
Digressions of God

Stephen M. Walsh (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)
Relationship Marketing and Customer Value Management

Holly Waterfield, Matthew Albright & Willard N. Harman (Biological Field Station)
Trophic Changes in Otsego Lake, NY Following the Introduction of the Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus), Subsequent Stocking of Walleye (Sander vitreus), and Establishment of Zebra Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha)

Jennifer Withington (Biology) & Molly Hassett (SUNY Oneonta student)
Herbivory Impact on Defense Chemicals in Orange Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis)

David Wong (Biology)
Alternative Methods of Invasive Mussel Control and Fouling Prevention

Mike Worrall (Psychology), Alan Fruzzetti & Markus Kemmelmeier (University of Nevada, Reno)
Evaluation of an Internet-Based Training System for Improving Peer Supervisor Ratings of Therapist Performance in
Dialectical Behavior Therapy

James Zians (Psychology), Julie Minardi & Alaina Dall (Council of Community Clinics, San Diego, CA)
Techniques for Prescriptive-Style Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

James Zians (Psychology), Julie Minardi & Nicole Howard (Council of Community Clinics, San Diego, CA)
Case Management-Style Capacity Building: Using Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

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