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All events will be held in the HUNT COLLEGE UNION

LoTM II Faculty Showcase
9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Ballroom)
SUNY Oneonta faculty from across the disciplines will present their research, creative activity, instructional techniques, service projects, and other activities through posters, computer displays and other presentation formats.

LoTM II Roundtable Discussions

9:00 a.m.

Electronic Privacy Policies for SUNY Oneonta Faculty (Leatherstocking Room)
Presenter: Janet Nepkie (Music/Music Industry), Todd Foreman (Finance & Administration), Lesley Bidwell (Information Technology Security)

This session will be an opportunity for discussion regarding electronic privacy as it relates to the roles of faculty at the College. The following questions will be explored: What policies regarding faculty electronic privacy exist at SUNY Oneonta, and what is the importance of such policy? How and when were faculty electronic privacy policies developed at SUNY Oneonta? What place does faculty privacy of electronic communication have in support of our College’s core values? How can faculty help to formulate electronic privacy policies that will benefit the institution and our students? What new issues might be considered regarding electronic privacy?

10:15 a.m.

SUNY Chancellor’s Awards: What You Need to Know (Glimmerglass Room)
Presenters: Colleen Brannan (President’s Office), Renee Walker (Anthropology, Chair of the College Senate), Patrick Meanor (English), Larry Guzy (Psychology), Steve Walsh (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)

The Chancellor’s Awards are a recognition of and tribute to individual expertise, dedication and commitment. Award recipients personify professional excellence and serve as role models for the State University of New York community. Colleen Brannan (Senior Assistant to the President) is responsible for facilitating the awards process and chairing the Professional Service Award committee; and works closely with Patrick Meanor (English), who chairs the academic awards committee; and Renee Walker (Anthropology/Chair of the College Senate and Presiding Officer of Faculty), who chairs the student awards committee. All will be available, along with past award winners Larry Guzy and Steve Walsh, to discuss the selection criteria, the nomination processes, and time lines.

11:15 a.m.

A Conversation on Teaching with Technology (Butternut Valley Room)
Presenters: Jacqueline Bennett (Chemistry & Biochemistry), James Greenberg (Director, Teaching, Learning and Technology Center [TLTC]), Alex Jean-Charles (Educational Technology/Mathematics, Secondary Education), Karlis Kaugars (Chief Information Officer), Steven Maniscalco (Director, Academic Information Technology Services), Harry Pence (SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, TLTC Faculty Fellow for Emerging Technologies), Sen Zhang (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)

This discussion provides an opportunity for faculty members and IT managers/ professionals to interact with each other to discuss and address various issues related to using technologies in teaching. Topics of discussion will include: mobile computing, Google voice, clicker, online teaching, distance learning, open source software, and possibly some specific computer software. Faculty participants are welcome to share their successful experiences and creative methods of using technologies in teaching, raise particular concerns, or ask questions on using technologies in teaching. Our IT managers will provide their observations and suggestions on technology use in teaching, as well as pointers to some emerging technology solutions. New faculty may also take advantage of this opportunity to obtain basic ideas about the availability of technology and IT resources on the campus, and establish initial contact with the campus’ IT managers.

1:30 p.m.

The Inside Scoop on Recommendation Letters for Personnel Files: Facuty and Students (Butternut Valley Room)
Presenters: Larry Guzy (Psychology), William Vining (Chemistry & Biochemistry)

The presenters will share their experiences and explore ways to improve various aspects of letter writing for both recommenders and candidates for personnel actions such as contract renewal, tenure, promotion and specific awards, as well as for student recommendations. The expectations of the Dean's Advisory Councils and the Promotion and Tenure Committee will be presented. Specific advice will be given for individual colleague letters, departmental recommendations and Chair's letters, and for what is expected from letters by external reviewers. This roundtable is intended to guide letter writing as well as to offer advice to letter seekers.

2:15 p.m.

General Education Assessment Committee
Session One (Glimmerglass Room): Attributes OS2, WS2, BC2: Results from the 2010-2011 Campus Assessment Report; Presenter: Amie Doughty (English)
Session Two (Catskill Room): Attributes AA2, AH2: Results from the 2010-2011 Campus Assessment Report; Presenter: John Bagby (Theatre)

In a continued effort to encourage faculty to discuss the results of General Education assessment, the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) is hosting two concurrent forums at 2:15 to discuss last year’s assessment results, which will be distributed at each session. Faculty will have an opportunity to discuss ways in which the assessment results may influence the way they teach their courses in the future. Session One will focus on the Oral Communication Skills (OS2), Writing Skills (WS2), and Basic Communication (BC2) attributes. Session Two will focus on the Humanities and the Arts (AA2 and AH2) attributes. All faculty members are welcome, but those teaching General Education courses in these attribute areas are especially encouraged to attend the forums.

LoTM II Luncheon and Keynote Address
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (The Waterfront)
Enjoy a complimentary informal lunch followed at 12:30 pm by the Keynote Address entitled Between Love and Sex: Culture's Dilemma, by SUNY Oneonta Class of 1970 alumnus Dr. William Jankowiak, Barrick Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Reservations are required for the lunch only; please visit www.oneontaalumni.com to register by October 7. (No need to register if attending lecture only.)


William Jankowiak ‘70 is the author of over 100 journal articles and book chapters, as well as the editor of Intimacies: Between Love and Sex (Columbia University Press), Romantic Passion (Columbia University Press) and (with Dan Bradburd) Drugs, Labor and Colonialism (University of Arizona Press). In addition, he is author of Sex, Death and Hierarchy in a Chinese City (Columbia University Press). In 2008 he was consultant and participant in an eight-part television series Rites of Passion for the History Channel. Jankowiak received his B.A. in Sociology from SUNY Oneonta, and his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

LoTM II Keynote Speaker “Fireside Chat”
3:00 – 4:30 pm (The Living Room)
Join Dr. Jankowiak and faculty in an informal discussion of the research methods and pedagogical strategies employed in scholarship and instruction related to issues of gender and other sensitive topics. Light refreshments will be served.

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