as of 10/3/11

William Ashbaugh (History), Shintaro Mizushima (Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan)
Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Anime's Critique on Contemporary U.S. Hegemony and Japanese Isolationism

Nancy Bachman (Biology)
Function of Mouse Heat Shock Factor 1 Isoforms

Dennis Banks (Secondary Education), Julia Baxter-MacGregor (Office of Educational Advisement & Field Experience)
"Dignity for All Students Act:" Should it Apply To Us As Well?

Heather Beach, Anne McFarland, Andrea Gerberg, Lois Baldwin, Mary Lynn Bensen (Milne Library)
Milne Library Archives and Special Collections

Tracy K. Betsinger (Anthropology), Amy Scott (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg)
Vampire Kids: The Bioarchaeology of Subadult Deviant Burials

Paul K. Bischoff (Adolescence Education), John Schaumloffel (Chemistry & Biochemistry),
Paul French (Physics & Astronomy), James Ebert, Todd Ellis (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)
On a Trajectory to High-Need Science Teaching: Learning to Teach Science Through High-Quality Experiences

Suzanne Black (English)
Under Portuguese Eyes: Readings/ Selections from a Translation of Julio Dinis' Uma Familia Inglesa

Nathaniel Bouman (Communication & Media)
The Spot Diner and Restaurant: Glass Grapes, Grenadine and Scrambled Eggs
A documentary work in progress

Gary Bowlin (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
Thompson's Group and the Four Color Theorem

Michael Brown (Psychology)
The Effectiveness of Opposing Expert Testimony as a Safeguard Against Junk Science

Nancy Cannon (Milne Library), William Simons (History)
Teaching U.S. Historiography: From Romantic Nationalists to the Atlantic World

Shiao-Yun Chiang (Communication & Media)
Pursuing a Response in Office-Hour Interactions

Shiao-Yun Chiang (Communication & Media), Han-Fu Mi (Elementary Education & Reading)
Reformulation: A Verbal Display of Interlanguage Awareness in Instructional Interactions

Yun-Jung Choi, Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
Acculturation: Fashion Shopping Behavior of Immigrants in the United States

Charlene Christie (Psychology)
Mirror Mirror on the Wall, What Impact Does Self-Monitoring Have on Us All?

Krislynn Dengler (Elementary Education & Reading)
Pre-Service Teachers as Readers

Barbara J. Durkin (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)
Gigonomics, Human Resources Development and the New World of Law Firms

Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
History of Costume: The Consumption and Governance of Attire in the State of New York

Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
Space Missions and the Human Cost: Historical and Sociological Research

Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
History of Aviation Dress

Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
History of Correctional Attire in Europe and Colonial Australia

Damayanthie Eluwawalage (Human Ecology)
Flora and Fauna: Influences, Impacts and Fashion/Clothing in the Historical Context

Gwen Frank (Elementary Education & Reading)
I'm Done... Now What Do I Do? Words That Challenge Teachers!

Paul French (Physics & Astronomy)
Physics Puzzle Corner

Kelly Gallagher (Chemistry & Biochemistry), James Orezzoli, Omar Burris (Students)
Secondary Structural Analysis of the CGI-112 Protein

Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Laura McKinney (North Carolina State University)
Examining the Carbon Footprints of Nations: A Quantitative Cross-National Study

Trevor Fuller (Geography)
Mapping the Omission of Emissions: The Use of Mapping Technologies by Community Environmental Justice Organizations

Hugh A. Gallagher, Jr. (Physics & Astronomy), Anthony DiPietry, Timothy Kelley (Students), Allan Weatherwax (Siena College), Trevor Garner (University of Texas-Austin)
Development and Validation of a Technique for Determining the
Background Mid-Latitude TEC from CIDR Measurements

Melissa Godek (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
Validity of the Indian Summer Singularity in the Northeast United States

Les Hasbargen (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Damon Matteson (Network Operations)
Linking Fluvial Processes to Alluvial Stratigraphy in Otsego County, New York

Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology)
Indirect Effects of Urbanization on Riverine Populations in New York

Kirsten Hilpert (Human Ecology), Sheila West, Debrah Bagshaw, Penny Kris-Etherton (Penn State University)
Effects of Fruits and Vegetables and Dairy Foods on Platelet Activity

Institutional Review Board (IRB), SUNY Oneonta
Human Subjects Research at SUNY Oneonta: Guidance for Faculty, Staff and Student Researchers

Jae Kyung Kim (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)
Promoting Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Communities of Practice: Effects of the Cooperative Type and Tie Strength

Toke Knudsen (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics), Allen Anderson (Physics & Astronomy)
Design of Astronomical Instruments as a Bridge between Theory and Practice

Michael Koch (Philosophy)
Truth, Truths and Truthish

Achim D. Koeddermann (Philosophy)
No Tragedy of the Commons in Uzbekistan: Environmental Ethics and International Law as Tools for Conflict Resolution

Cindy Lassonde (Elementary Education & Reading)
The SCAMPER Mini-Lesson Model for Teaching Writing in the Primary Grades

Anita Levine (Elementary Education & Reading)
Nurturing Hope: Views From the K-12 Frontline 

Paul Lord, Timothy Pokorny (Biological Field Station)

Maria Cristina Montoya (Foreign Languages & Literatures), Anna Legname (SUNY Buffalo),
Kenneth Sider (Elementary Education & Reading)
Diversity Partnership between SUNY Oneonta and the Oneonta City School District:
A Pilot Study on Teachers’ Beliefs and Attitudes about Diversity

Joseph Pignato (Music), Ivan Robertson (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
All Over: For Distributed Ensemble

Christopher Popovici (Physical Education)
Improvement in Cycling Peak Power as a Result of Low-Resistance Training With
Conditions of Partial Vascular Occlusion

Florian Reyda (Biology, Biological Field Station), Laura Reyda (Project Buena Vista, Inc.)
Rain Forest Conservation: A Practical Example

Sean Robinson (Biology)
Immigration and Contemporary Dispersal of the Peat Moss, Sphagnum pylaesii, in the Adirondack Mountains, USA

Anthony Scafide (Music)
A Music Industry Workbook  

Keith Schillo (Biology)
Enhancement of Anatomy & Physiology Instruction at SUNY Oneonta through The Fund for Science and Technology

Jennifer Schlosser (Sociology), Jessenia Melgarejo (Student)
Women in Print: Analyzing Sexist Trends Advertising Over Time

Jason Smolinski (Physics & Astronomy)
CN Abundances and Radial Distributions in a Sample of Eight Galactic Globular Clusters

Robert Sulman (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
Chess Snapshots from 1895-1972

Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Matthew Hendley (History), Michelle Hendley (Milne Library)
Contributions of Underrepresented Minorities to Science and Engineering: Preliminary Data

Gayane Torosyan (Communication & Media), Brian Lowe (Sociology),
Students of Spring 2011 MCOM 286: Research Methods in Mass Media
Nobody Wants to Eat Them Alive:
Ethical Dilemmas and Dual Media Narratives on Domestic Rabbits as Pets and Commodity

Theron Verdon (Communication & Media)
Islam Din Wa-Dawla (Islam Is Religion and State):
The Constitutive Rhetoric of Osama bin Laden and the Nationalization of the Ummah

Emily Vogel (English)
The Philosopher's Wife: Reading and Discussion

Donna Vogler (Biology), Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners
Cultivating Skills for 21st Century Professionals: Development & Assessment of Process Skills in Ecology and Conservation Biology Students

Renee B. Walker, Cynthia J. Klink, Nicole S. Weigel (Anthropology)
Recent Finds from the Pine Lake Archaeological Field School Excavations 

Stephen M. Walsh (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)
The Importance of Strategic Planning As Seen Through the Prism of the Discipline of Marketing

Kenneth Walters (Psychology)
Decreased Academic Functioning Among College Students with Continuing Symptoms of
Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

Kenneth Walters (Psychology)
Clinical Assessment of Conduct Problems Associated with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
Among College Students

Kenneth Walters (Psychology)
Evidence of Poorer Self-Concept as a Function of Continuing Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
Symptomatology Among College Students

Barry Warren, Paul Adamo (College Advancement)
The Meanings for Giving Back:  Understanding How Prospective Major Donors Think

Jennifer Withington (Biology), Robert Mitchell (Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center)
Describing Fine Roots: Do Corner's Rules Apply?

Qun Wu (Economics, Finance & Accounting), Bradford Jordan, Mark Liu (University of Kentucky)
Corporate Payout Policy in Dual-Class Firms

Sen Zhang, James Ryder (Math, Computer Science & Statistics)
Using and Creating Automatically Generated PowerPoint Slides to Facilitate Teaching of Data Structures and Algorithms

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