Faculty Instructional Support Center Limits & Restrictions


There are very strict limitations on the number of copies allowed at any one time (please see limits below). The center has a limited amount of resources for each semester. Please be aware of this and plan accordingly.

All multiple page documents MUST be run back to back (double-sided). If you have an item that must be single-sided, please make arrangements through the Print Shop. (x2508)

Don't forget to record any items you use on the sign-out sheet by the shredder. This will ensure accurate estimates for the next semester.

Use of the center for copyright infringment is PROHIBITED. It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by the copyright law to the owner of copyright.

***Restrictions subject to change during the semester, based on supply usage.
Please be aware of signs throughout the center.

The Risograph is for jobs over 20 copies per master and under 200. Do not duplicate items with large black areas or pictures.

Copiers are used for jobs under 20 copies per master. There is a limit of 50 copies total.

If you have questions on restrictions, contact ISC(x2490) or the Print Shop(x2508).

Professional Staff

Mona L. Hughes
ISC Coordinator
Editor/Publisher- Bulletin
Graphic Art Work
Notary Public

Coordinator's Hours 7:00-3:30
Semester Hours 7:00-4:30
(if student workers are available to assist)

Phone: 436-2490

Last updated on August 19th, 2008