The Instructional Support Center


The Instructional Support Center provides faculty with personal service to duplicate instructional and other class materials in small numbers. Service is available from 7:00 am - 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. When the center is closed requests may also be submitted to the Print Shop via the on line form at

Coordinator of the ISC is Mona Hughes, (x2940). Limits and Restrictions

Please note: Students are not allowed to handle or help with the duplication of quizzes or exams.

Copyright laws are strictly enforced.

The Risograph is useful for quick duplication in large amounts.

There are two located in ISC, and a third in Physical Science 120 (closed from 12-1 for lunch). All three machines follow the same guidelines. Materials with large black areas, pictures, intense bolding, or shading should be run on a copier or submitted to the Print Shop as they will reproduce better.

There are two machines available for Scantron Test Scoring in ISC. Analysis forms are available in the center, but test forms need to be obtained from your department secretary. Students are NOT allowed to handle test forms. If you need assistance, contact Mona Hughes or Donna Baker (IRC 104).

There is an additional machine available on the lower level of Milne Library next to the vending machines (analysis forms on premises). This machine is available whenever the library is open. If you are not familiar with the use of a Scantron machine, please come to the ISC for training.

There are two copiers available for minor jobs and resizing. They are able to sort as they print and copy two-sided documents.

Computers are available for faculty use. We have both Macintosh and PCs, and assistance is available.

Other services provided by the Instructional Support Center
(if student workers are available and time allows):


The center also has available for your use:
-Heavy duty staplers (25 pages or more)
-electric and hand staplers
-3-hole electric punch
-small electric shredder (large volumes need to be taken to the Print Shop)
-electric pencil sharpeners
-outgoing fax machine (must use personal/business PIN)
-various support items

The Bulletin is the official college Blog and is updated daily. To submit announcements,email your items and attachments to Attachments created in Publisher are discouraged as they may not work. Please use a Word format. Items that come after noon will be held over for the next days edition. The Bulletin is available at

Only non-dated, multi-use items will be laminated or mounted.
One-time use items will not be accepted due to cost and time constraints.

Student workers are not allowed to deliver items left at the center for duplication/collating. The faculty member must return to the center to pick these items up and sign for them in a timely manner.

IRC Hours

The Instructional Resources Center main office is open from 8AM until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday during regular session. The building is open from 8AM until 10PM Monday through Thursday and 8AM until 5PM on Friday. Computer lab hours may vary from this schedule. Call Academic Computer Services at 2560 for more information. Summer hours may vary. Please call 3314 for summer hour changes.

Department Resources:

Community Bulletin Board Form (PDF)
Community Bulletin Board on line form

Professional Staff

Mona L. Hughes
ISC Coordinator
Editor/Publisher- Bulletin
Graphic Art Work
Notary Public
Coordinator's Hours 7:00-3:30
Semester Hours 7:00-5:30
Phone: 436-2490

Clover Bobnick
Copy Center

Phone: 436-2012