Yonsei University at Wonju
“Global Village, Global Future”

A well-rounded exchange program providing an array of cultural and didactic experiences at a prestigious university in a beautiful, rural setting

VIDEO: Colin Pierre-Larnerd Reflects On Studying Abroad at Yonsei University at Wonju in Spring 2011

Location and Demographics
Yonsei University at Wonju (YUW) is situated in a valley surrounded by 360 degrees of beautiful mountain views in rural South Korea.  The campus is strategically located– just 1.5 hours by bus to Seoul and just twenty minutes to a major shopping district.  The city is home to the beautiful Chiak Mountains and also bordered by several beaches on the East Sea coast.  Wonju is a major vacation resort area in Korea and is famous for hiking, skiing, kayaking, and outdoor activities.  The campus is a retreat from the busy, crowded big cities in Korea and is an excellent fit for SUNY College at Oneonta students seeking to experience the rich tradition and customs of South Korea.  The public transit system in Wonju provides convenient travel in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

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The Global Village Program
The Global Village (GV) program is a unique opportunity to get immersed in Korean language and culture. Students take part in a cultural internship program while teaching English at the Wonju campus in small group settings.

Yonsei University at Wonju (YUW) has an alternate opportunity to participate in teaching English to Korean elementary children in rural areas.  Open to SUNY Oneonta students only, participants must be concurrently enrolled in the YUW exchange program (but not GV program) but will complete an exchange program application and TaLK program application separately but submit concurrently. Sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education, the TaLK program is for undergraduates at the sophomore level or higher, seeking to expand their multi-cultural experiences while teaching Korean children.

Let’s TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) Program

YUW TaLK Program Fact Sheet

For more detailed information and to discuss the application process on the above programs, contact the Office of International Education at 607-436-3369 or visit the OIE at 103 Alumni Hall

The Campus
Home to over 6,000 undergraduates and graduate students combined, Yonsei University at Wonju is a leader in campus internationalization and routinely has visiting faculty from around the world.  All courses in the GV program are taught in English and many of its facilities are new or updated. 

Founded by a Presbyterian American missionary, the campus is rooted in core values of compassion, cross-cultural understanding, friendship, world peace, and loyalty to one’s country and community.

The campus and its surroundings are stunning and anchor the local Korean hanok (traditional) villages and farmlands of Wonju. 

Visit the Yonsei at Wonju website

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SUNY students stay on-campus in YUW’s dormitory, quad rooms, and with Korean students only to encourage speaking in Korean language.  Space is tight; however, the GV program is very mobile – students routinely attend campus and community events, teach English, and participate in quality field trips, which are part of the GV experience.

Application & Deadline
Applications and inquiries should be directed to SUNY College at Oneonta Office of International Education only.  A completed SUNY Overseas Application is due to the OIE by April 1 for Fall or Academic Year study; October 1st for Spring study abroad.

Download the Overseas Academic Programs Application form.

Duration and Cost
Cost for the program is affordable and value-added for in-state and out-of-state residents.

SUNY students may study for the fall, spring, or academic year. 

Semester Cost Sheet

Open to SUNY Oneonta students only, eligibility at YUW includes sophomore standing or above with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (recommended 3.0) with strong faculty recommendations.  The GV program is ideal for English, Education, History, Political Science, and International Studies majors.  Students are also required to take beginner Korean language and a class in Korean culture as part of their educational experience at YUW and are encouraged to take part in campus and community activities. Entry to the exchange program is highly competitive and academically strong, qualified students are encouraged to apply.

SUNY Oneonta students are required to enroll in the SILP program, Korean language, at Oneonta by Yonsei University at Wonju exchange students in the fall semester or within the year prior to attendance at YUW, then partake in the GV program in the spring.  For travelers new to Korea, this provides an excellent opportunity to acquire conversational skills and be adequately prepared for the GV experience.


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Our Location Founded in 1889 in “Honor and Good Faith,” the College is strategically located in beautiful upstate New York. Oneonta is home to the Foothills Performing Arts Center and just 30 minutes to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
The campus is surrounded by 360 degree mountain views and is close to the Catskill Mountains. Upstate NewYork is a four-season state with mild summers, cool nights, and beautiful spring foliage. Fall is colorful and winters offer plenty of snow, ideal for snowboarding and skiing. The campus is 4.5 hours to New York City (NYC) by bus and 1 hour from Albany, the capital of New York and a major shopping area.
Oneonta has a progressive, local and interstate bus system running 7 days per week with routine stops on campus. DowntownOneonta is walking distance from SUNY and has local shopping, unique gift shops, restaurants, farmer’s markets, and entertainment in this historic city. A nearby shopping mall is a short distance to the campus by bus.
The Albany International Airport is just over 1 hour away—The OIE office provides free airport pickup for new student arrivals. JFK International Airport is also within reach and has an Airtrack/railway/bus system direct to Oneonta.

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