In Our Students' Words

What Our International Students Say About SUNY Oneonta

“Before I arrived to SUNY Oneonta I was expecting to get the authentic American college experience and that's exactly that I got from the first day onward. The school spirit is strong and it doesn’t matter where you're from because here, we are all part of the Oneonta family.

The campus is modern and easy to navigate with nice dormitories that offer several comforts such as gyms and dining halls.

The teaching is top-notch and I am extremely pleased with my professors.  Of course, it takes a lot of work to ace the courses but the lecturers provide true motivation for us to do our best.”

-- Joel Huttunen
Exchange Student, Spring 2012
Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences, Finland

"New York! New York! That's what I came for. Well, to be honest, in the beginning I thought I would be going to New York City. That's not true, but New York City is doable on a weekend trip.  The College is located just north of NYC and downtown Oneonta can be reached within 15 minutes.

If one is considering studying at SUNY Oneonta, one can expect a perfect College Area.
I especially like the fact that I am living in Hulbert Hall, where most of international students are lodged. The international atmosphere, with its magical touch, I don't want to miss in my exchange semester here in Oneonta.  Additionally, I appreciate experiencing living on campus.  In Germany, you never live on campus but at the most, very close to campus. I like living on campus because it makes it easy to meet up with your colleague.”

-- Harry Schmidt
Exchange Student, Spring 2012
Ludwigsburg University of Education, Germany

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"Oneonta's campus size is perfect and a place where the professors know you and are always willing to help. The computer science program provides me a hands-on experience and I have gained a lot of knowledge from it. Now, I consider SUNY Oneonta to be my home away from home!"

Arjun S. – India

Computer Science Major
Class of 2011

"My experience at SUNY Oneonta was great! The atmosphere in the class was very friendly and faculty and staff were very approachable and helpful! My student life at SUNY Oneonta was memorable and exciting!"


Arina S. – Kazakhstan
Professional Accounting Major
Graduated with Honors
Class of 2010

"SUNY Oneonta classes are small which allows for better interaction between the students and one-on-one interaction with the professor. The atmosphere, the education, the research opportunities, and the people are wonderful."


Anyango K. – Kenya

Biochemistry Major
Class of 2011