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Get acquainted with Oneonta,
Upstate New York,
and NYC (The Big Apple)
with these links:


Weather forecasts, community events, points of interest, activities, facts & figures, etc.

Hiking, outdoor activities, photo gallery

Comprehensive tour guide to NYC
and all it has to offer

Baseball Hall of Fame
In Cooperstown, 40 minutes from the campus

The Crossgates Shopping Mall
Where our international students go shopping
1 hour from Oneonta

The Colonie Shopping Mall
Where our international students go shopping
1 hour from Oneonta

Oneonta/NYC bus schedules
and information

Booking an international flight
For Korean Students
Contact: Hannah Kim, Travel Consultant
at 1-888-926-8898 or 718-353-2841

For Japanese Students Booking a Flight:
Amnet USA, NYC
Ms. Emi Ichikawa
Tel: 1-800-929-2663 / 212-247-1900


Mr. Toshihiro Oguchi
Tel: 1-877-798-9808 / 212-698-4970

Student Life at SUNY College at Oneonta is vibrant and engaging. Balance your academic life with the pursuit of things that make you happy and add value to your life.

SUNY College at Oneonta recognizes the unique needs of international students. To that end, the College provides a myriad of services to enhance the academic, social, and cultural life of students. The campus has a robust calendar of events and activities. The International Student Organization (ISO), a broad reaching community of domestic and international students, complements more than 75 student clubs/organizations. The Center for Social Responsibility and Community, Outdoor Resources Center, Clubs and Organizations, enable students to contribute positively to one’s community for the betterment of a cross-cultural understanding.

The College takes a proactive approach to student services from start to completion of degree. Opportunities in community volunteering, student employment, internships, cooperative experiences, and a comprehensive career development office add value to the educational experience. Student health and emotional counseling is available, along with a new fitness center. The College has an impressive library, 15 residence halls, an unlimited dining/meal plan with special arrangements for international students or those with unique dietary needs.

The Office of International Education (OIE) hosts on and off-campus activities such as field trips, shopping, special events, social gatherings, and guest speakers. The OIE conducts specialized workshops of significance to students such as topics on healthcare insurance, maintaining F1 and J1 status, optional practical training/work permit information, advice on student visas and regulations, as well as information on community service.

Students are encouraged to balance their academic life with extracurricular endeavors while utilizing their gifts and talents.

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