Seinan Gakuin University

"Overcoming Boundaries of Culture, Nationality, and Gender"

Since 1971, Seinan Gakuin University (SGU) in Fukuoka, Japan has welcomed SUNY College at Oneonta students to their fine institution. Founded by an American missionary, the University has expanded into a secular community, welcoming students from around the world.

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Location and Demographics

Located in the southwest (Seinan) part of Japan, Fukuoka is known for its dichotomy of natural beauty and dynamic atmosphere. Rich in tradition, the city within Kyushu is famous for its festivals, entertainment, shopping, and beautiful vistas and parks. With 1.4 million inhabitants, Fukuoka is one of Japan’s five largest cities and prides itself in its unique cuisine and enticing shopping districts. The city’s strategic location offers convenient travel to various parts of Japan and South Korea via its national airport. A 1 ½ hour direct flight from Fukuoka to the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, the metro center of Japan, is affordable and provides another avenue to tour this dynamic country. The city’s public transportation system is highly developed and modestly priced.

The Seinan Gakuin University campus is surrounded by pristine views and historical areas with easy access to charming villages, outdoor markets, and big city nightlife. The local community is very amiable but the pace of Fukuoka is much slower than Tokyo and other large cities. It is a common vacation destination site and has a laid back atmosphere. In the spring, cherry blossoms are prolific and the city prides itself on its foliage, flower displays, and artistic landscapes.

SGU is well-respected for its diverse student body, high quality academic programs, and friendly staff and faculty. The University promotes cross-cultural understanding, furthering its longstanding ties with SUNY.

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The Campus
Seinan Gakuin University has 8,000 students in its twelve undergraduate divisions and nine graduate programs combined. It is a full-service institution for serious, academic study and productivity. The campus has a law school, comprehensive library, fitness center, gymnasium, social and community activities, student organizations, an interfaith chapel, American and international dining services, and impressive technology and student services. A full orientation at Seinan Gakuin is given, in addition to SUNY College at Oneonta’s orientation for its students.

Visit the Seinan Gakuin University website for a view of information, such as estimated costs, field trips, facilities and photos.

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SGU Program Brochure – Semester/Academic Year
SGU 4-Week Intensive Language Summer Program Brochure
SGU Course Schedules and Course Descriptions

The I-House is adequately equipped for a semester or academic year. Housing is provided year round and between semesters for visiting students.

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Duration and Cost
Cost for the program is affordable and value-added for in-state and out-of-state residents. The university experience and country are best appreciated for an academic year abroad but students may study for a semester or SGU's Intensive Japanese Language 4 week Summer Session (and earn 4 credits). Download a cost sheet below

Semester Cost Sheet

Estimate of SGU's Summer Program Expenses



Application & Deadline
Applications and inquiries should be directed to SUNY Oneonta Office of International Education only. A completed SUNY Overseas Application is due to the OIE by March 1 for Fall, Summer or Academic Year Study, and by August 1 for Spring study abroad. Early applications for the summer program are strongly encouraged due to the limited number of slots available.

Download the Overseas Academic Programs Application form.

Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator in the Office of International Education at 607-436-3369 or visit the OIE at 103 Alumni Hall for complete details about
the exchange program

Eligibility for studying at SGU includes sophomore status or above with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher with faculty recommendations. Preference is given to students who wish to stay one academic year, for which the program is best appreciated. Courses are offered in English and open to all majors, all SUNY students may apply. SUNY students are also required to take Japanese language and Japanese culture as part of their educational experience and are encouraged to take part in campus and community activities. Entry to the exchange program is competitive and academically strong, qualified students are encouraged to apply.