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SUNY College at Oneonta has an array of scholarships based on academic merit, campus and community involvement, and/or financial need for eligible candidates. Scholarships may be offered by the institution, individual department, or outside organization. Scholarships are competitive and applicants are encouraged to apply early and to as many opportunities as possible.

New students

  • NYS Advantage Award - $6,000-$8,000: Awarded to non-New York State residents and International students who are seeking the New York State college experience at our centrally located campus in the beautiful hills of Oneonta New York. We are eager to showcase the advantages of SUNY Oneonta and acknowledge your achievements with this NYS Advantage award. *$24,000-$32,000 four-year value.

Current Students

Scholarship opportunity is available to current SUNY Oneonta students. In many cases, scholarships are designated for students majoring in particular fields of study. It is recommended that you ask your academic advisor about scholarship opportunities offered by your department. You may also check announcements on Blackboard for unique scholarship opportunities!