Our annual Study Abroad Photo Contest results in remarkable photographs from our SUNY Oneonta students. Whether you travel abroad or dream of lands far away, we hope you enjoy the photos of our adventurous students. The Office of International Education thanks all study abroad participants who allow us to live vicariously through them and inspire others to travel.

Details and deadline of this contest are delineated below.

2016 Photo Contest Entries

Past Year Photo Contest Entries


Congratulations to the past 2016 Photo Contest Winners!
Each were awarded a Red Dragon Bookstore gift card.

"Culture and Society"
(A photo where the focal point of attention is on the customs, objects, historical sites, etc., of a society. You and/or your friends, or individuals overseas may be included in the photo)

1st Place Winner:Victoria Savoie

Hampi, India
$50.00 Gift Card

2nd Place Winner:
Meghan Gude

Segovia, Spain
$25.00 Gift Card


(A photo where the focal point of attention is a landscape or vista: you and/or your friends, or individuals overseas may be included in the photo)

1st Place Winner: Mary Bilecki

Cape Town South Africa
$50.00 Gift Card


2nd Place Winner: Julie Balsamo

Witsunday Islands, Australia
$25.00 Gift Card


1) Each participant may submit up to 4 photos total (you may submit photos to either or both categories)

2) Photos must be submitted by a SUNY Oneonta student (current or recently graduated) who studied abroad during the time periods of January 2015 up through December 2015.

3) Photos must have been taken overseas during a direct study abroad, short-term, direct, exchange, or faculty-led program, in which the Oneonta student earned college credit.  Includes any SUNY program attended.

4) Photos must have been taken either BY the SUNY Oneonta student participant, or it must be a photo OF the student taken by a friend (no photos from professional photographers will be accepted!) Photos must be taken by the participant's camara.

5) Photos must be submitted in JPEG format only to the Office of International Education (by email or flash drive) at

6) Photos cannot be altered in any way from their original format using editing software or other means. The submitted photos must be original.

7) Participant MUST include their name, title, city and country of each photo in the accompanying e-mail.

8) By submitting the photo(s) to the Office of International Education, the participant agrees to allow the OIE to utilize his/her photo(s) for OIE Study Abroad activities and marketing.  Participant must also sign the downloadable Image Release form to be eligible to compete. Image release from must be submitted to the OIE prior to or concurrently with photo(s).

9)  Photo(s) and image release form are due by Friday, April 15 at 5:00 pm in order to be considered – no exceptions! Winners will be announced at the end of April.