Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences (JAMK)
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Location and Demographics
Jyvaskyla is the seventh largest city in Finland and is home to famed architect Alvar Aalto, who designed over thirty buildings in the city. The campus is positioned by lakes and forests and Finland has often been regarded as similar to Maine with its rocky coastlines, forests, and laid back atmosphere.   

Jyvaskyla is home to its own orchestra, outdoor theatres, museums, saunas, and outdoor activities.  Cultural trips to St. Petersburg, Russia and Stockholm, Sweden are within reach.

The Campus
Established in 1992, JAMK is quality-focused and has an entrepreneurial approach toward learning. Over 8,000 students attend JAMK with 160 exchange students, 105 outbound students, and 100 international students seeking degrees with 50% of the entering class of 2008 being non-Finnish. With three degree programs taught exclusively in English, the university offers an array of courses taught in English. Education in Finland is pragmatic, with close collaborations with local industries. The city has a modern infrastructure and dependable transportation system.

The university is amiable and provides services such as tutoring, cultural opportunities, and comprehensive student services for its exchange students. The International Affairs Office (IAO) helps transition exchange students to the country and get adjusted to life in Finland, for which it is easy to assimilate.

The values of the university are trust, responsibility, and creativity. Teaching methods are less formal than the USA and professors are usually addressed by their first name while maintaining mutual respect. Professors in Finland are required to have significant, direct work experience in their field in order to qualify for teaching at the university. JAMK is one of the best institutions in Finland with its multidisciplinary education and research and development.

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Course Listings in English for Exchange Students

JAMK University Photos

Exchange students enroll online for JAMK courses after they receive a comprehensive orientation at the university and are cleared for registration.

SUNY students stay off-campus in double occupancy, apartment style living.  Just 15 minutes from the campus by bus, the housing is comfortable and furnished. 


Application & Deadline
Applications and inquiries should be directed to SUNY Oneonta Office of International Education only.  A completed SUNY Overseas Application is due to the OIE by April 15 for Fall or Academic Year study, by March 15 for Summer study, and by October 1 for Spring study.

Download the Overseas Academic Programs Application form.

Duration and Cost
Cost for the program is affordable and value-added for in-state and out-of-state residents.

SUNY students may study for the fall, spring, or academic year.

A short-term Summer program featuring Business coursework is also available.

Semester Cost Sheet

Summer Cost Sheet

Summer Program
JAMK offers a 3-week Summer program featuring Business coursework.

Students can take 4 courses (and earn a total of 6 U.S. credits), in addition to participating in daily activities that are organized by JAMK student mentors.

Group excursions are also offered to nearby cities of interest. Past excursions have included St. Petersburg in Russia, Stockholm in Sweden, and Finland’s capital city of Helsinki.

For more information, check out JAMK’s Summer program page.

Summer Program Brochure


Open to all majors, ideal for Business, Economics, Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism, Music, Music Industry, Mass Communications, Communication Studies, Food Service and Restaurant Administration majors. Eligibility for studying at JAMK includes sophomore status or above with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher with strong faculty recommendations.  Entry to the exchange program is competitive and academically strong, qualified students are encouraged to apply.

Note: Music Industry coursework is only available during the Spring semester at JAMK.



Contact Us

OIE Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Mailing Address: Office of International Education SUNY College at Oneonta 111 Schumacher Hall Oneonta, NY 13820
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Our Location Founded in 1889 in “Honor and Good Faith,” the College is strategically located in beautiful upstate New York. Oneonta is home to the Foothills Performing Arts Center and just 30 minutes to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
The campus is surrounded by 360 degree mountain views and is close to the Catskill Mountains. Upstate NewYork is a four-season state with mild summers, cool nights, and beautiful spring foliage. Fall is colorful and winters offer plenty of snow, ideal for snowboarding and skiing. The campus is 4.5 hours to New York City (NYC) by bus and 1 hour from Albany, the capital of New York and a major shopping area.
Oneonta has a progressive, local and interstate bus system running 7 days per week with routine stops on campus. DowntownOneonta is walking distance from SUNY and has local shopping, unique gift shops, restaurants, farmer’s markets, and entertainment in this historic city. A nearby shopping mall is a short distance to the campus by bus.
The Albany International Airport is just over 1 hour away—The OIE office provides free airport pickup for new student arrivals. JFK International Airport is also within reach and has an Airtrack/railway/bus system direct to Oneonta.

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Starting Your Overseas Journey: Step-by-Step
Whether you choose one of SUNY Oneonta’s exchange programs or you find a venue among SUNY’s 500 programs, you’re sure to find a destination that meets your goals and objectives for studying abroad.
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