Starting Your Overseas Journey: Step-by-Step

Whether you choose one of SUNY Oneonta’s exchange programs or you find a venue among SUNY’s 500 programs, you’re sure to find a destination that meets your goals and objectives for studying abroad. Here are the basics for getting started on your journey:

1. Take an inventory as to the reasons you want to study abroad.  Do you want your overseas experience to be didactic, cultural, community service focused, or a combination? Evaluate what part of the world you’re interested in, which cultures you find intriguing, and what country would best serve you and likewise. 

2. Once you have narrowed down your purpose and passion for studying abroad, review the study abroad programs available to you. Pay careful attention to the eligibility criteria, cost, and details associated with each program. See search links below.

3. Students are strongly encouraged to attend a study abroad workshop, held twice per semester at SUNY Oneonta or the annual Study Abroad Fair held each September, or, stop by the Office of International Education for an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator (freshmen: consult with the OIE Intern).

4. Complete applications for up to 3 study abroad programs (see the webpage(s) of the SUNY school(s) that administer(s) the program(s) you are interested in for detailed, program-specific application instructions). If you are applying to a SUNY Oneonta program, complete the Overseas Academic Programs Application

5. Early financial planning is essential when considering studying abroad, which is eligible for financial aid. Whether you are self funded, in part or in whole, obtain a preliminary overview of what you will need to afford your overseas experience.  You’ll notice each SUNY program has a detailed, cost estimate sheet to help you make this determination.

6. Download our detailed Study Abroad Guide to help you with astute planning for studying abroad.

Overseas Academic Programs Application
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