Study Abroad Ambassadors in the Office of International Education (OIE) are former study abroad participants who have been selected by the OIE to promote study abroad on campus on a volunteer basis. Each semester, Ambassadors conduct class presentations, general interest meetings, and tabling sessions, as well as assist with study abroad events, including, but not limited to, the annual Study Abroad Fair and Study Abroad Discovery Night. The Study Abroad Ambassadors are both a valuable asset to the OIE and a valuable resource to students; they are a shining representation of the personal value of learning in another part of the world.

Study Abroad Ambassadors

Meet our Study Abroad Ambassadors!

Elena Juliano

Major: Political Science

Program: Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden (Administered by SUNY Oneonta)

Three Favorite Highlights from Study Abroad Experience:

• Being able to travel to the Northern most part of the world to see the Northern Lights and learn about the Sami culture.
• Being able to travel so easily from one country to another. I paid $13 for a bus trip from Brussels to Amsterdam!
• Meeting new people from all around the world, talking to them, and learning new recipes for cooking. Best part was when a Nicaraguan made kimbap (Korean sushi) for an Asian-American in Sweden. YUM!

Advice to Potential Study Abroad Students:

Do not be afraid of trying new things and experiencing the sad moments. This is all a part of growing up and finding out what you are made of. It is a journey you are taking when going abroad. You will feel sad, angry, and sometimes get to a point where you think you can't do it anymore, but remember this is for your benefit as a person. By the end of the day your hair should be a mess, your feet tired, and your eyes filled with wonder.

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Karina Reyes

Major: Psychology, Women and Gender Studies minor

Program: Griffith College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland (administered by SUNY Brockport)

Three Favorite Highlights from Study Abroad Experience:

• Experiencing St Patrick's Day in the homeland.
• Riding a hot air balloon in Berlin, Germany.
• Traveling around Europe alone using the Interrail system

Advice to Potential Study Abroad Students:

Don't ever for one second tell yourself you can't do it because you can. Take advantage of the fact that you're young and able. Take a million pictures, keep a blog or a journal, try new foods, and be brave. This will be the best, craziest, yet most fulfilling experience of your life so go for it with no regrets.

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Laura Dailey

Major: Business Economics and International Development Studies

Program: Sant'Anna Institute Lingue (administered by SUNY Alfred)

Three Favorite Highlights from Study Abroad Experience:

• Working as an intern getting to work closely with Italians and how they conduct business.
• Getting to know new friends with group dinners, hikes, and excursions with classmates.
• Going on several class trips including Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, and Capri learning about their history and culture.

Advice to potential study abroad students:

Be brave and say yes to everything! Don't be scared about trying new things, have an open mind, and cherish every minute. This is the opportunity of a life time you will never forget!

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