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Average GPA:

Grade Point Average is calculated by averaging the GPA's of all individuals regardless of the number of hours comprising individual GPA's.

 Average Grade:

Average Grade as calculated by taking all of the grade points and dividing by the total number of hours taken. In essence, it is as though one student took all of the courses and a GPA was calculated for that individual.


  SUNY Oneonta's student information database (since summer 1991).


Course And Section Analysis: SUNY reporting system for facility utilization, course enrollments, course offerings, faculty utilization, etc. (in use 1972 - 2004). Repalced by SIRIS Term Section Data Submission beginning (TSDS) fall 2010).

 CASA Reports:

See section for description of specific report. In total there are over 30 reports available.


Degree Automated File (also ADF): data pertaining to degrees awarded and certificates recommended. The degree year includes: August, December, May. (in use since about 1990 to 2009). Repalced by SIRIS Degree Awarded Submission beginning 2010-11 year.


Full-Time Equivalent: A measure that takes all of full-time and part-time pieces of a characteristic under review and converts it all to full-time.

FTE Faculty:

Full-time Equivalent Faculty providing instruction to the department. This number includes part-time faculty and faculty from other departments providing instruction in the department being reported.

 FTE Students:

Full-time Equivalent Students represents the number of students the department would be serving if each student were taking a 15 hour load within the department (12 hours grad.). As an example, five students each taking one, three hour course in mathematics would generate 15 credit hours in mathematics. Divide this by 15 (FTE factor for undergraduates) and 1 FTE student results.

 Full-time Student:

Undergraduate taking 12 credit hours for enrollment purposes.

Undergraduate taking 15 credit hours for FTE generation.

Graduate taking 9 credit hours for enrollment purposes.

Graduate taking 12 credit hours for FTE generation.

 Grade Analysis:

Summary of grades given by an instructor with comparative data for instructor's department and the college. Reports 12 letter grades (A-D-, E), P, F, I, W, WI, NR, and Other.


Human Resource Management System: Employee records.


High School Average. Generally not available for transfer students.


Other Than Personal Service: expenditures on supplies, equipment, etc.


  Personal Service Regular: salary costs, etc.


Student Data File: SUNY-wide database containing student information. It is the basis for official college data on enrollments, student origins, ethnic backgrounds, etc. (used at SUNY Oneonta fall 1987 - summer 2012). Replaced by SIRIS Student Data Submission (SDS) beginning fall 2010.

 S/F Ratio:

Student/Faculty Ratio: FTE Students/FTE Faculty.


Possibly the greatest acronym the faculty of this college will ever unwittingly create. It stands for Student Perception of Instruction, the current means by which students may provide course related feedback to faculty. Created by a faculty committee as the successor to SEFI. Used by most departments. Faculty participate on an as desired basis. (in use since fall 1991)


SAT Mathematics Scores. Generally not available for transfer students.


SAT Verbal scores. Generally not available for transfer students.



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