Accessing Personal .Zip Files: see below.

Access to these areas requires a valid SUNY Oneonta Usercode & Password (those used for e-mail).

Department Data: SUNY Oneonta Usercode & Password required.

Faculty Data: SUNY Oneonta Usercode & Password required to access this location.  Additionally, individual faculty zip files are protected by a personal password, which will be required when you attempt to open a document contained within the zip file.

About Zip files: Selecting a zip file will show a listing of its contents.  However, the individual files contained within the zip file are password protected.  A plus sign (+) at the end of the file name indicates password protection.  If you find a file that is not password protected, please contact us via email (

ZIP File Programs:

PC users: Link to WinZip is located on the Faculty Data link (FREE).

Mac users: Links to  Zipeg and Stuffit Expander are located on the Faculty Data link (FREE).


Accessing Personal .Zip Files:

ZIP FILE DOCUMENTS PASSWORD: ( a pssword was sent to you)
(SAVE this as you will need it.  Case-sensitive)


Your SPI or ECON course evaluation reports are now stored online in password protected zip files.  Beginning with the fall 2009 semester Grade Analysis reports are also being stored in the zip file.  Prior to fall 2009 Grade Analysis reports were distributed on paper.

To access your data:

Figure1: e-mail username/password





Figure 2: zip file document access password.




Zip file Password: If you are new to this file storage process your password is noted at the top of his document.  If not, it was provided through a prior e-mail.  It is not your college log-in/e-mail password.
College & Department Data: Note that College and Department Grade Analysis data are contained at the bottom of your report.  Links to College & Department Grade Analysis and SPI/ECON course evaluation data are located at the top of the Faculty Data page.  Both may also be accessed via the Department Data link on the web page.

Document Names: Current document name formats will generally appear as noted below, though you will find some variation for spring 2008 – fall 2009:



If you have reached this message, select the browser BACK BUTTON to return to the menus.  Select a specific Department Data or Faculty Data Link (other than the Usercode- Password Required link).  You will then be asked for your Usercode and Password.