SUNY Oneonta



FASH 120 Socio-Psychological Aspects of Dress (3 s.h.)
The study of clothing within the comprehensive context of its cultural, social, psychological, physical, economic, and aesthetic relationships. (LA, CPA, ICD)

FASH 121 Apparel Construction (3 s.h.)
The course emphasizes design principles, fabric selection, alterations and fit, and relationship to quality garment construction. Management skills, selection, and operation of equipment, various sewing techniques for individual fabrics and garments are stressed. Additional student costs vary with project choice. (CPA)

FASH 123 Quality Analysis of Apparel Products (3 s.h.)
An in-depth study of apparel and related products. Production of ready-to-wear goods will be examined in order to gain a thorough knowledge of quality in fashion merchandise. Product quality will be evaluated and analyzed in relation to production process, product cost, and market segmentation. (CPA)

FASH 220 Textiles (3 s.h.)
A study of fibers, yarns, and the construction and finish of fabrics as a basis for selection, care, and use. Laboratory work consists of use of various methods and testing instruments to evaluate physical and chemical properties. FASH 220 is a writing intensive course focusing on technical writing. Students submit 10 laboratory reports and an experimental fabric report. (CPA, CW)
Prerequisite: CHEM 111 or PHYS 100.

FASH 221 Apparel in Today's Economy (3 s.h.)
A study of external factors as they affect the apparel industry. Economic, political, and social factors will be examined as they impact apparel consumption and production. Students write one international prospectus and a 20 page apparel industry company report, and make one oral presentation. (CPA, CW, WS2)
Prerequisites: FASH 120 and ECON 110.

FASH 222 Apparel Design--Flat Pattern
Principles of flat pattern design with particular emphasis given to development of individual design and creation of a sloper. Construction stresses advanced techniques. Additional student costs vary with project choice. (CPA)
Prerequisite: FASH 121.

FASH 223 Computer Applications: Fashion (3 s.h.)
Introduction to computer applications in the fashion business in the fields of design and merchandising. Both CAD and spreadsheet software will be used.
Prerequisites: JrS, FASH 121 or FASH 123.

FASH 224 History of Costume I (3 s.h.)
A survey of costume in Western Civilization from the days of ancient Egypt to the 1970's. Each period is explored through the historical, political, economic, and religious factors which are mirrored in dress and other aesthetic activities of a period. (LA, CPA, IH)
Prerequisite: FASH 120 or ART 109 or ART 110.

FASH 225 History of Costume II (1 s.h.)
A survey of costume in the 19th and 20th centuries, pointing out social, political, economic, and religious factors that are mirrored in dress and other aesthetic activities of a period. (CPA)
Prerequisite: FASH 120 or ART 109 or ART 110.

FASH 226 Apparel DesignDraping (3 s.h.)
A study of the fundamental principles and techniques of draping fabrics. The manipulation of fabric to obtain harmony between desired design, the fabric, and figure of the wearer. Encourage imagination in the original use of fabric and line in dress. (CPA)
Prerequisite: FASH 121.

FASH 227 Personal Coloring Systems and Analysis (1 s.h.)
An examination and comparison of the systems that identify personal color palettes. The students will develop personal color palettes, investigate the function and role of color consultants in the fashion industry, and learn to manipulate color to express a desired image. (CPA)
Prerequisite: FASH 120.

FASH 228 Fashion Illustration and Design (3 s.h.)
Fashion design principles, illustration layout, use of media, and the design process will be covered in this course. Students will complete several projects for a portfolio. (CPA)
Prerequisites: Studio Art course or FASH 120.

FASH 229 Fashion Marketing (3 s.h.)
A study of the internal operation of the apparel industry with emphasis on the fashion marketing process. The study of the development and operation of the apparel industry including the creation, production, distribution, and merchandising functions.
Prerequisites: FASH 120 and ECON 110. (CPA)

FASH 230 Computer Integrated Fashion Merchandising (3 s.h.)
Overview of merchandising in apparel and textiles with emphasis on computer integrated aspects in retail sectors. Focus on applications of various software programs to understand the importance of computer technology in the apparel and textiles industry.
Prerequisite: FASH 123

FASH 280 Interior Design (3 s.h.)
The theoretical and technical knowledge of basic principles of pleasing interior design. Consideration of selection of furnishings, analysis of floor plans, functional design, aesthetic design, and allocation of interior space in relation to client needs. Professional presentation and evaluation of floor plans, furniture arrangements, wall elevations, color schemes, and lighting plans. Additional costs vary with choice of project. (CPA)
Prerequisite: 3 s.h. LA ART.

CONS/FASH 281 Housing (3 s.h.)
A survey of individual and public housing problems of urban, suburban, and rural areas; the socio-economic aspects of adequate housing; housing needs of various population sectors, including young, aged, handicapped, and low income groups; evaluation of homes as to basic needs of the population; house planning and production; and legal and financial factors. (LA, CPA, II)
Prerequisite: 6 s.h. FAMS, SOCL and/or ECON.

FASH 282 Professional Seminar: Fashion (1 s.h.)
Explore potential internship or career opportunities available in the fashion industry; fine tune the professional design portfolio/zine; prepare a professional resume and cover letter; develop effective job searching techniques; and examine various interviewing techniques. Junior status, Human Ecology major.

FASH 323 Promotional Techniques in the Apparel Industry (3 s.h.)
Study of promotional techniques used in the apparel field with special emphasis on non-personal promotions, i.e., publicity, advertising, displaying, and special events. Characteristics of consumer behavior and the decision making process will be related to promoting apparel. (CW)
Prerequisites: FASH 120 and CONS 150 or MGMT 261.

FASH 324 Fashion Merchandising (3 s.h.)
In-depth examination of the retail fashion buying and merchandising process. Study of the principles of merchandise evaluation, assortment planning, and procuring. Investigation of budgetary planning, control systems, and pricing strategies; application of appropriate mathematical formulas.
Prerequisites: FASH 120 and ECON 110.

FASH 325 Case Studies in Apparel Design (3 s.h.)
An advanced course applying flat pattern or draping principles and techniques to creating designs for various segments in the fashion industry. A study of historical influences, advanced design and sketching techniques, industry methods, and inspiration sources.
Prerequisites: FASH 121 and FASH 222 or 226.