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Foodservice and Restaurant Administration Careers


Food and Beverage Manager Job Description & Career Opportunities


A food and beverage manager is found in every restaurant and at many hotels, resorts, and casinos. The restaurant owner can serve as the food and beverage manager. For the position, the selection of the menu is taken care of. Communicating with the food suppliers regularly is a must to ensure adequate supply all the time. The food safety guidelines for the state have to be known well and applied in the food preparation. The daily operations of the restaurant are supervised to keep patrons coming back. The servers, bartenders, and kitchen personnel are chosen, trained, and retained for the success of the restaurant. Knowledge of different kinds of food and attractive ways of serving them is important for the patrons to be impressed.

Hospitality Management

The ideal candidate for becoming a food and beverage manager needs to have adequate training in hospitality management. Being a food and beverage manager entails having good communication skills, especially when talking with patrons. Managing a restaurant involves long hours including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Passion for food and beverage is bound to make the manager successful in the restaurant venture. Depending on the kind of restaurant being managed, good promotional material has to be created. The capital for creating the restaurant needs to be reimbursed through profit from operations.

Financial Matters

For the ingredients needed in the kitchen, appropriate financial skills are mandatory to know where the money is going. The money for the personnel is computed as deemed appropriate. Financial statements of assets and liabilities have to be transparent. When food inspectors visit the restaurant, the food and beverage manager must satisfy them. The kitchenware is also chosen appropriately depending on the need. Kitchenware needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid pests inside the kitchen. The leftover food has to be disposed of appropriately. The food and beverage manager has to be updated with the trends in restaurant management.

Professional Certification

When the food and beverage manager has the Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) certification, the candidate has higher chances of being hired for the position. When the certification is shown in the restaurant, the diners will trust the restaurant owner more. Restaurants that manifest good customer service are recognized through the SPIRIT awards. A food and beverage manager can be found in a restaurant of a hotel, casino, cruise line, theme park, educational institution, or hospital. Socializing with fellow food and beverage managers can be beneficial since the candidate also learns from their experiences.


The food and beverage manager will always find lucrative opportunities. Food is a basic commodity and beverage will always be sought. As a restaurant owner, the food and beverage manager can pursue an MBA for improved performance in the future. Business principles are also vital to keep on attracting wealth. New restaurants will always be created for food enthusiasts. Depending on the theme of the restaurant, the food and beverage manager can keep updating the menu for new tastes. By being in charge of the restaurant, the food and beverage manager seeks to keep improving the standards as per state guidelines.*

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics at







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