Child and Family Studies


The Child and Family Studies emphasis has two complementary focuses. First, the program provides major with the opportunity to study the psychosocial development of children from infancy to late adolescence. The Department's Child Development Center provides an excellent opportunity for our students to observe and study young children under professional supervision. Second, the program focuses on the study and understanding of the family in its many dimensions, including the traditional nuclear family and the many variants of the concept of family that are evolving in contemporary society. The opportunity to study the family in such areas as evolving gender roles, the relationship between the family and the economy, child care and childrearing, and the family in other cultures and across time are provided through electives. The Department encourages students to gain experience through an internship and has placed students in a variety of family-and child-centered professional settings. The philosophy of the Human Ecology Department is that the study of family life and children should lead to fuller understanding of oneself and one's family. This understanding is not only personally enriching but helps students become objective, thoughtful professionals, sensitive to individuals differences, the unique dynamics of families and the emerging multicultural context in which Americans will live in the near future.

To be competitive in today's challenging job market, students are encouraged to develop computer and statistical skills. Some careers require an advanced degree and the Child Development and Family Studies Program has an excellent record of helping our graduates obtain admission to graduate programs in the social sciences and education, as well as law and business schools.

What Can I Do With A Major In Child and Family Studies?



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