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Fashion Design

Gucci. Vera Wang. Dolce & Gabbana. Oscar de la Renta. All of these are big name fashion designers. But you don’t have to be a big name designer in order to have a fulfilling career in the fashion industry. Having an excellent eye for style is what makes a great fashion designer, be they major or minor. Everyone loves to look their best and there’s a designer out there that knows how to cater to our personal styles, no matter how sophisticated, upscale, or relaxed that style may be.

Fashion design careers are..... (more)

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising is a profession that incorporates the A-to-Z processes in the fashion business ranging from producing, product development, promoting and buying and selling fashion items such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and shoes.

A fashion merchandiser may work for ....... (more)


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