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Cooperative Program with FIT

This dual degree program is in cooperation with the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and includes three years at SUNY Oneonta and one year at FIT. The program leads to a BS degree from the College at Oneonta and an Associate of Applied Science degree from FIT where programs in Fashion Merchandising Management, Fashion Design, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Adverstising Design, Manufacturing Management, Textile Science/Surface Design, Textile Development and Marketing, Jewelry Design, and Accessory Design are available. Fashion Merchandising and Management, Advertising and Marketing Communications, and Fashion Design are the most popular areas of study at Oneonta.

To qualify for the 3:1 FIT Program, students must complete 92 semester hours at the College at Oneonta prior to their senior year at FIT. Acceptance at FIT is competetive so students in the program must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better and apply to FIT. Design students submit a portfolio. Acceptance to FIT is competetive and not guaranteed when entering the 3:1 Cooperative Program.

Contact Dr. Katherine Angell the coordinator of the SUNY Oneonta's FIT 3-1 Cooperative Program if you have any questions about this program.



Last Modified: 5/28/2016