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Fashion Four Year Sequences

Below are links to the four year course sequences for the various Fashion and Textiles concentrations.

Note: The following plans are intended to provide a general overview of the course sequences for each concentation. In most cases the sequence of courses are individualized to meet student professional goals and frequently differ from the sequences presented here.


FASH-Design Emphasis

FTXA 3+1 FIT Merchandising Management

FTXB 3+1 FIT Design

FTXC 3+1 FIT Advertising and Marketing Communication

FTXE 3+1 FIT Communications Design

FTXF 3+1 FIT Textile Development and Marketing

FTXG 3+1 FIT Textiles/Surface Design

FTXH 3+1 FIT Jewelry Design

FTXI 3+1 FIT Accessories Design


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