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4 Year Program of Study

HEFB - Human Ecology: Apparel and Textiles Major 3+1
With FIT Fashion Design Bachelor Degree Four Year Course Sequence
NYS General Education attributes are listed in (italics)

Fall Year 1                                         
FASH 120: Socio/ Psych. Aspects of Dress (LA)
FAMS 160: Family Perspectives (S2, LA)                   
COMP 100: Composition (BC2, LA)
ECON 110: Principles of Economics (S2, LA)             
American History General Education course (HA2, LA)
Total = 15 credits

Spring Year 1
FASH 121: Apparel Construction (Design emphasis)
CHEM 111: General Chemistry or PHYS 100 Introductory Physics (NL2, LA)
NUTR 140: Nutrition or NUTR 142: Nutrition in Everyday Life (N2, LA)
ARTH 109/110 Survey of Visual Arts 1 or 2; or ARTS 141- Drawing 1 (AA2, LA)
Foreign Language (FL2LA)
Total = 15 credits

Fall Year 2                                         
FASH 229 Fashion Marketing or FASH 224 Costume History 1 (LA)
FASH 222 Apparel Design: Flat Pattern or FASH 226 Apparel Design Draping
Western Civilization History General Education course (HW2, LA)                   
Humanities General Education (AH2, LA)
General Education Math Course, MATH 104, MATH 105       (M2, LA)
Physical Education (Activity) 1 cr
Total = 16 credits
Spring Year 2
FASH 224 Costume History 1 (LA) or FASH 229 Fashion Marketing 
Other World Civilizations General Education (HO2, LA)
Oral Communications Skills General Education Course (OS2, LA)
CONS 150 Consumer Resource Management
FASH 226 Apparel Design Draping or FASH 222 Apparel Design: Flat Pattern
Physical Education (Activity) 1cr
Total = 16 credits

Fall Year 3                                         
FASH 220 Textile Science (LA) or FASH 223 Computer Applications in Fashion        
FASH elective (FASH 228 Fashion Illustration- LA)  
FASH 200 Programs and Issues in Human Ecology 1 cr
UD Elective – (LA)
Total = 16 credits                  

Spring Year 3
FASH 223 Computer Applications in Fashion or FASH 220 Textile Science (LA)
FASH 221 Apparel in Today’s Economy (WS2)
or Writing Skills General Education Course (WS2)(LA)
Fashion Elective (FASH 325 Case Studies: Apparel Design)
FASH Elective (FASH 280 Interior Design or
            FASH 323 Promotional Techniques: Apparel Products
UD Elective course (LA)
Total = 15 credits

Complete Before Going to FIT: 92 Credits, 51 Liberal Arts, 36 Upper Division
2 Cr. PHED (Act), ARTH 109 or ARTH 110, GPA 2.7, Res. 45 Cr, 30 of the last 60 from SUCO, Pass the CWE, Finish General Education, Finish the Human Ecology: Apparel and Textiles Major

Fall Year 4     
FIT – 15 Credits  

Spring Year 4
FIT – 15 Credits

At FIT Complete   30 Credits, 9 Liberal Arts, 12 Upper Division Cr.
To Graduate: 122 Credits, 60 Liberal Arts Credits, 48 Upper Division Credits





Last Modified: 5/30/2016