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Student Research Funding


History students are encouraged to apply to the Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity (funded by the State University College at Oneonta Foundation, Inc. and the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association Administered by the College Senate Committee on Research and the Grants Development Office)


This program aims to encourage and support student research and creative activity at SUNY Oneonta. The College Senate Committee on Research awards grants for independent research and creative activity projects conducted by students with faculty sponsorship in any discipline or interdisciplinary area.

Detailed Description

Students with faculty sponsorship in any discipline or interdisciplinary area are encouraged to apply (although the program’s priority is to fund undergraduate applicants, graduate students may apply).

The proposed projects should represent truly collaborative student-faculty efforts. Students are responsible for writing the proposal, carrying out the project, and presenting the project at Student Research Day.

Faculty sponsors are expected to be continuously involved through planning the project, assisting with its progress, and assuring its completion within the specified time frame. Students are encouraged to work closely with their faculty sponsor.

Curricular, instructional or educational program development is not considered as meeting the primary purpose of this program. Projects that are required as part of a regular course’s curriculum are not eligible (independent study work is eligible). Projects must represent independent student research or creative activity.

The Student Grant Program is competitive; awards are made once per semester.

More information

Click here for information, application forms, and deadline.

Contact Dr. Thomas D. Beal or Dr. Mette Harder for more information