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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dr. David Inouye
Professor Emeritus
Department of Biology
University of Maryland, College Park
Principal Investigator
Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
Crested Butte, CO

Dr. Inouye has worked with bumblebees, euglossine bees, pollinating flies, tephritid flies, hummingbirds, and wildflowers on topics including pollination biology, flowering phenology, plant demography, and plan-animal interactions such as ant-plant mutualisms, nectar robbing, and seed predation. He has worked in Australia, Austria, Central America, and Colorado, where he has spent summer field seasons since 1971. Dr. Inouye’s long-term studies of flowering phenology and plant demography are supported by the National Science Foundation and are now being used to provide insights into the effects of climate change at high altitudes.



Established in 2000 with the generous support of Dr. William Kaufmann and his wife Virginia '44, the Cornell-Gladstone-Hanlon-Kaufmann (CGHK) lectureship (named to honor family members) is an endowed fund within the College at Oneonta Foundation. The purpose of this lectureship is to bring to the SUNY Oneonta campus international leaders in environmental thought and education to interact with students and faculty on campus, and to present a free public lecture open to the members of the campus and greater community.


Call for Speaker Nominations

The CGHK Lecture Committee seeks suggestions for potential speakers for the annual lecture. Your expertise and ideas are needed to find engaging environmental scholars and practitioners. Please help us to build a speaker database with contact information and web links by completing a brief survey. Recommendations will be added on an ongoing basis to the CGHK Speaker database for consideration for future lectures. Suggestions made by February 15, 2017 will be included in the CGHK Committee’s discussion to identify the fall 2017 CGHK speaker. ______________________________________________


Previous CGHK lecturers have included Dr. Donald Kennedy (inaugural lecture, 2000), Sandra Postel (2001), Dr. William Cronon (2002), Mark Hertsgaard (2003), Christopher Stone (2004), Dr. Michael Rosenzweig (2005), Dr. Jennifer Turner (2006), Dr. Gene Likens (2007), Dr. Kristen Shrader-Frechette (2008), panel discussion with Kai Robertson, Eric Holt Giménez, Tom Philpott, Jeff Moyer (2009)Dr. Andrew Light (2010)John Barrie (2011)Dr. Eban Goldstein (2012)Dr. Eleanor J. Sterling (2013), John Cronin (2014), Thomas K. Wessels (2015), and Dr. Adina Paytan (2016).

Read more about past speakers in the 10th Annual Cornell-Gladstone-Hanlon-Kaufmann Lecture booklet celebrating SUNY Oneonta's high profile environmental lecture series.