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Department of Geography & Environmental Sustainability at SUNY Oneonta
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Dr. Wendy Lascell

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Environmental Sciences Major


This major is not available for students matriculating after Fall 2016

Environmental Sciences Core

ENVS 101 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENVS 105 Environmental Sciences Laboratory
ENVS 201 Introduction to Environmental Issues
ENVS 214 Principles of Soil Science
ENVS 250 Environmental Monitoring
ENVS 320 Technical Science Writing
CAPSTONE (ENVS 390 Environmental Seminar, ENVS 397 Internship, or ENVS 399 Independent Research)

Interdisciplinary Core Courses

CHEM 112 General Chemistry II or CHEM 226 Elementary Organic Chemistry
GEOG 241 GIS: Principles & Methods
POLS 235 Environmental Politics and Policy
SOCL 244 Environmental Sociology
PHIL 230 Environmental Ethics
*Choose 1 200-level Biology Course
**Choose 1-300-level Biology Course
**Choose 1 200-level Earth Sciences Course
**Choose 1-300-level Earth Sciences Course
  *Choose 1 200-level Geography Course
**Choose 1-300-level Geography Course
  * Any 200-level ENVS course not used in the core can substitute
** Any 300-level ENVS course not used in the core can substitute Note: Some 200- and 300-level courses may require additional pre-requisite courses

Related Courses

BIOL 181 General Biology II
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I
GEOL 120 Planet Earth or GEOL 182 Water & Blue Planet
GEOG 240 Cartography
STAT 101 Introduction to Statistic