Committee on Research


Student Research and Creative Projects Presented at Biannual SUNY Showcase Held in the Legislative Office Building, Albany, New York

This event iss designed to spotlight some of SUNY’s most talented undergraduate scholars to an audience of SUNY Administration officials and members of the New York State Legislative delegation and their office staff.

2014 - Innovative Exploration Forum: Undergraduate Research Symposium

Diane Mancini (Anthropology/Spanish): “English is My Language: The Generationally Defined Linguistic and Cultural Identities of the Raizal People of San AndrĂ©s, Colombia” (Faculty mentor: Sallie Han, Anthropology)

Hannah Wightman, Brittani Woods, Brooke Ramage (Sociology): “Child Protective Services, Mental Health, Substance Abuse in Low-income Families” (Faculty mentor: Lizzie Seale, Sociology)

2012 - Discovery: An Undergraduate Showcase

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Angela DiCorato (Faculty Mentor: Nathaniel Bouman, Communication & Media): “Weathered: A Search for Beauty in Loss”
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Michelle K. Linder & Alyson Marmet (Faculty Mentor: Jacqueline Bennett, Chemistry & Biochemistry): “Analysis of o-vanillylidene Anilines Prepared by the Ethyl Lactate Method”
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Joanna Salvino (Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Heilveil, Biology): “Indirect Effects of Urbanization on New York Populations of Nigronia serricornis (Say) (Insecta: Megaloptera: Corydalidae)”
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