Committee on Research


Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity

For the 2015/16 academic year, a total of $56,350 in funding was awarded through the Student Grant Program to support the following student research and creative activity projects. This program is supported by funding allocated by the College at Oneonta Foundation and the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association.


Student[s] (Faculty Sponsor[s], Department): Project

Spring 2016 Application Round Awardees:

Claire Anderson (Jill Fielhaber, Biology):
Examining How Amino Acids Impact Apoptosis during the Immune Response to Infection

Hailey Ahearn (Allan Green, Chemistry & Biochemistry):
Regulation of ATGL by Insulin and Glucose

Samantha Ayers (Keith Brunstad, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences):
Origin and Eruptive Evolution of the Tieton Andesite Lava Flow – The Making of the World's Longest Andesitic Lava Flow

Kimberly Cushman (Michael Faux, Physics & Astronomy):
Cosmic Axion Spin Precession Experiment [CASPEr]

Margaret Doolin [graduate student] (Florian Reyda, Biology):
Molecular Prospecting for Species of the Thorny-headed Worm, Neoechinorhynchus

Andrew Edwards (Elizabeth Seale, Sociology):
The Impact of Gender, Race, and Class on Networking

Haley Fallon (Maria Montoya, Foreign Languages and Literatures):
Decentralization in Columbia: Life after Healthcare Reform

Lyndsey Farrar (Leigh Fall, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences):
Trilobite Body Size and Abundance Along a Depth Gradient: Trenton Group, Middle Ordovician, Central New York

Kate Moore (Keith Brunstad, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences):
Chemical and Mineralogical Control on Two Goat Rocks Volcano Lava Flow Volumes, Effusion Rates, and Lengths South-central Cascade Range, Washington

Emilie Richard (Pragnyadipta Sen, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences):
Environmental Baseline Study for Managed Sediment Release from the Lower Reservoir, Oneonta Creek, Oneonta, NY

Patrick Wilson (Joshua Nollenberg, Physics & Astronomy):
P.C.O.S.S. (Photography of Celestial Objects in our Solar System

Fall 2015 Application Round Awardees:

Rose Biggerstaff (Andrew Kahl, Theatre):
Bare – A Pop Opera

Bridget Boland, Mark Crosby (James Ryder, Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics):
Implementation of NAO into Communication-Based Therapies

Peter Booth (Les Hasbargen, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences):
Drone Mapping without Ground Control Points using RTK

Daniel Bucci (Fred Zalatan & Tami LaPilusa, Biology):
Identification of Bacteria in Otsego Lake using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technique

Nicholas Byrnes (Les Hasbargen, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences):
Geomorphic Effects of Large Woody Debris Dams in Silver Creek

Bridget Chartrand, John Beach (Hugh Gallagher, Jr., Physics & Astronomy):
What Makes a Spark?

Jordan Cole (Sallie Han, Anthropology):
Observing Politeness in Children

Elsie Dedrick (Florian Reyda, Biology):
Description of a New Species of Rhinebothridiian Tapeworm from Stingrays from Borneo

Marie Dowd (Nancy Bachman, Biology):
Mouse Neuro 2a Cells: A Model for Cell Differentiation

Melissa Fine (Oscar Oberkircher, Human Ecology):
FineBites Granola

Samantha Fontaine (Donna Vogler, Biology):
Disease Assessment of the Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) in New York State

Thomas Franzem (Dan Stich, Biology):
Factors Impacting Amphibian Populations in Anthropogenic Vernal Pools

Anna Graziosi (June Tyler, Art):
Ghost Stories

Lynne Haynes (Jeffrey Heilveil, Biology):
Genetic Diversity among Polydrusus sericeus (Schaller) in Otsego County, NY

Abigail Hogan (Wendy Lascell, Geography & Environmental Sustainability):
Student Awareness of the Sustainability Initiatives at SUNY Oneonta

Emily LaLonde, Autumn Smith (Theresa Loomis, Human Ecology):
Understanding the Barriers to Registered Dietitians Practicing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Valerie Matedero (Keith Schillo, Biology):
Effects of Short, High-Intensity and Longer, Low-Intensity Exercise on Metabolism

Kelsey McKeighan (Tracy Allen, Geography & Environmental Sustainability):
Lake Atitlán: Securing Water, Sustaining Development

Jerrad Pacatte (Thomas Beal, Susan Goodier, Omar Dphrepaulezz, History):
A Peculiar 'Picnic' – Revisiting the April 1878 Execution of Samuel Streenburgh

Colleen Parker [graduate student] (Kiyoko Yokota, Biology):
Monitoring of Mercury in Catskill Region Fish

Aaron Phillips (Jill Fielhaber, Biology):
Assessing the Link between inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase and C. difficile

Alexander Robillard [graduate student] (Donna Vogler, Biology):
Identifying Temporal Changes in the Genetic Landscape of the Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) in New York State

Alyssa Rothfuss (Jeffrey Heilveil, Biology):
Genetic Analysis of Sisyridae

Michael Schonning (Kelly Gallagher, Chemistry & Biochemistry):
Determination of the Oligomerization State of Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Protein Complex Subunit 8 [EMC8]

Tiffany Taylor (Fred Zalatan, Biology):
Quantitative Analysis of Yeast Ty1 Retrotransposon Activity in Clathrin Mutants

Jessica Tyler (Rhea Nowak, Art):
The Art of the Poster

Jenna Vecchio (Kevin Gray, Art):
The Artists Creation Myth

Xiaoyi Zeng, Joanne Wong (Jian Cui, Art):
Little Monk