Committee on Research


Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity

Student[s] (Faculty Sponsor[s], Department): Project

Spring 2015 Application Round:

Emily Baskind, Nicolas Capra (Trudy Thomas-Smith, Chemistry and Biochemistry): Determining the Abundance of Triclosan in Silver Creek

Emily Berezowski (Jeffrey Heilveil, Biology): RAD Tag Sequencing of Nigronia serricornis (Say) On and Off Reservoirs in NYS

Allyson Church, Janine Militello, Lexington Swartwood (Andrew Gallup, Psychology): The Influence of Oxytocin on Contagious Yawning in Humans (Homo sapiens) and Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus)

Elizabeth Clifton (Donna Vogler, Biology): Seed Dispersal by Wood Turtles (Gylptemys insculpta) in Central New York

Brendan Cross (Sen Zhang, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics): Autonomous Quadcoptor Navigation to Specified GPS Coordinates

Michael Engesser, Nicholas Tait, Kimberly Cushman (Joshua Nollenberg, Physics and Astronomy): Methods of Spectral Analysis in C++ (MOSAIC)

Elaine Herron (Andrew Gallup, Psychology): Exploring Empathic Capabilities in the Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)

Benjamin Hultman, Erin Avery (Heike Geisler, Chemistry and Biochemistry): Graphene Growth on Copper Surfaces

Josh Louden, Patrick Wilson (Joshua Nollenberg, Physics and Astronomy): Searching the Outer Solar System for Trans-Neptunian Objects

Madylyn Nicolini (Thomas Beal, History & Alex Thomas, Sociology): The Impact of Wineries and Alcohol Tourism on Long Island's North Fork

Alejandro Juan Reyes [grad], Sarah Newtown [u/g] (Kiyoko Yokota, Biology): Early Detection of Aquatic Invasive Species in Brant Lake, NY

Emilie Richard (Tsitsi McPherson, Biology & Philip Sirianni, Economics, Finance and Accounting): SUNY Oneonta Ecological Footprint Assessment Survey

Sara Stuart (Jill Fielhaber, Biology): Assessing Cell Death During C. difficile infection and the Role of IFNb

Cassidy Wachtel (Melissa Godek, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences): Examining Pacific and Atlantic Hurricane Stage Duration and Length Since 1980 Meteorology

Fall 2014 Application Round:

Kaitlyn Alongi (Kirsten Hilpert, Human Ecology): Effect of Dairy Foods on Total, LDL, and HDL Cholesterol

John-Anthony Barnas (Timothy Newton, Music): Stylistic Comparison of Mallarme Settings by Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel

Katje Benoit (Carolyn Nersesian, Biology): Barrier Impact of Roadways on White Tailed Deer

Sara-June Bouillon (Donna Vogler, Biology): Invasive Plant Survey, Replacement and Removal Project

Hope Costa (William Wilkerson, Politcal Science): The Politics of Dissents and Concurrences on the U.S. Supreme Court: An Application to the Roberts Court

Jansen Costello (Devin Castendyk, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences & Tracy Allen, Geography): Arsenic and Trace Metals in Common Pesticides in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Eric Davis [graduate student] (Willard Harman, Biology): Development of Effective Protocols for the Decontamination of Aquaculture Haul Trucks Exposed to Zebra Mussels Without Using Formalin

Kathryn Forti (Florian Reyda, Biology): Description of a New Species of Tapeworm of Stingrays from Northern Coastal Australia

Tegan Fox, Melissa Haig, Taylor Zelka (Toke Knudsen, Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics): Mathematics at the Oneonta Normal School 1893-1945: Articles from The Oneontan and The Pen Dragon

Kelly Garham (Melissa Godek, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences): Impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation Teleconnection on Minimum Temperature in New York

Matthew Hartwell (Brian Lowe, Sociology): Topography of Hashtag Activism

Nathan Heller (Florian Reyda, Biology): Investigation of Damage Caused by a Thorny-headed Worm Parasite in White suckers

Renee Karr (Brenda Seery, Human Ecology): Gender Neutral Restroom Opinion Survey

Stefanie Lewis (Keith Brunstad, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences): Crystallization History of the 1 Ma Tieton andesite Lava Flow, Washington, USA

Christopher Linkletter (Keith Brunstad, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences): Petrology and Geochemistry of a Transect Across the Marcy anorthosite massif and New Russia gneiss complex contact zone, northeastern Adirondack Highlands of NY

Christine LoFaso (Jill Fielhaber, Biology): Activation of STAT Transcription Factors During C. difficile Infection

Stefan Mirvil (Sven Anderson, Art): Subtlety of Motion

Adam Myer (Fred Zalatan, Biology): Identification of Host Factors Involved in the Ty1 Transposon of Baker's Yeast

Jordan Perry (Brenda Seery, Human Ecology): The College Hook-Up Culture's Effects on the Emotional Well-Being of College Women

Joseph Perry (Jennifer Withington, Biology): Allelochemical Transport by Two Species of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi

Hunter Reed (Mette Harder, History): The French Republic vs. The Friend of the People: Marat on Trial

Alexander Robillard [graduate student] (Donna Vogler, Biology): Determining the Status of the Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) in Central New York

Kevin Sutton, Marvin Rodriguez, Anthony Nichols (Toke Knudsen, Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics): Word Frequencies in Theatrical Plays

Christopher Teter [graduate student] (Sean Robinson, Biology): Forest Impact Analysis of Naturalized Population of Syringa reticulata in New Lebanon Center, New York

Jacquelyn Victoria (Sven Anderson, Art): Crochet as an Exploration of the Human Bust

Jessica Williams (Nancy Bachman, Biology): Construction of a Nuclear Localization Mutant of Heat Shock Factor 1 Beta Isoform

Jillian Young (Melissa Godek, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences): Developing a Precipitation Climatology for Central New York