Committee on Research


Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity

SPRING 2013 Grant Recipients
Student(s) (Faculty Sponsor(s), Department): Project

Adetunji Idris Adesina, Brianna McEvoy (Trudy Thomas-Smith, Chemistry & Biochemistry): Investigation of the Photochemical Reactions of an Organic UV Filter

Jaewon Bang (Hyejune Park, Human Ecology): The Second Generation of E-Commerce: Online-Only Fashion Retailers' E-Tailing Strategies

Angelina Burley, Christopher Mark, Serena Sackett (Michael Worrall, Psychology): Evaluation and Comparison of Two Methods of Teaching Observational Coding to Undergraduate Psychology Majors

Anita Burns, Caroline Curtis, Kayleigh Melite, Jamie Pitter (Andrew Kahl, Theatre): Identity Play Reading Series

Deanna Caracciolo (Donna Vogler, Biology): Assessing the Invasion Front of European Marsh Thistle (Cirsium palustre) in Central New York

Benjamin Coyle (David Wong & Paul Lord, Biology/BFS): Biofouling of Invasive Zebra Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) on Cooperstown Water Treatment Plant’s Water Intake and Pipe

Ben Dalecki (Michael Brown, Psychology): Creativity, Sexuality, and the 2D:4D ratio

Brittany Decker, Dominick DeNofio, Rebecca Zopf (Charlene Christie, Psychology): What is Hidden Can Still Hurt: Concealable Stigma, Social Anxiety, and Stereotype Endorsement

Michael Elliot, Zach Rose (James Zians, Psychology): Establishing Reliability and Validity on Five State Pivot Measures: Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Excitement and Blaming (e.g. External Attributions)

Mathew Frankel (Keith Brunstad, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences & Fred Zalatan, Biology): Berkley Pit Water Bacterial Growth and Biomineralization

Lynn Golan (Rhea Nowak, Art)
ArtShare: An Art Project Initiative for the Community

Kaylee Herzog, Rebecca Russell (Florian Reyda, Biology/BFS): Description of a New Tapeworm Species from the Whitenose Whip Ray of Borneo

Felicia Magnan (Irene McManus, English): The Womb: A Look on the Effects of Homelessness on the Mental Health and Self-Esteem of Minority Single Mothers

Heather Matthews (Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs, Secondary Education): Flight: a Longitudinal Case Study to Prove Effectiveness of Novel Instruction for Student Participators During and After Methods

Marvin Rodriguez, Susanne Salce, Robert Muth (Sen Zhang, Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics): Assembling and Using a Parallel Computing Cluster System

Lauren Shore, Emily Moore (Allan Green, Chemistry & Biochemistry): The Effects of Curcumin on Glucose Uptake and Lactate Release in Sodium Vanadate and Hydrogen Peroxide-Treated Adipocytes

Greg Talamini, Deanna Caracciolo (Tom Horvath, Biology & Tyra Olstad, Geography): Compost Project Extension and Product Analysis

Spring 2013 Graduate Student Projects
Amanda Cochran (Keith Schillo, Biology): Does Addiction to High-Calorie Sweeteners Promote Alcohol Addiction in Mice?

Matthew Dami (Sean Robinson, Biology): Animal-Facilitated Dispersal of Mosses in Northeastern U.S. Forests

Elli Edelstein (Sean Robinson, Biology): Bryophyte Flora of Delaware County

Mollie Goodwin (Jeffrey Heilveil, Biology): Genetic Diversity of Carpenter Bees (Xylocopa virginica [L.]) in New York State

Kate Schultz (Fred Zalatan, Biology): Fatty Acid Uptake in Bacteria: Genes, Proteins, and Inhibitors