Committee on Research



Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity

Funded by the College at Oneonta Foundation and the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association

A total of $58,650 was allocated to the Student Grant Program for 2017. The Committee on Research awarded 32 grants totaling $52,275. Successful proposals were submitted from a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from the creative arts to the natural and social sciences, as well as the humanities.


2017-2018 GRANT AWARDS
Student[s] (Faculty Sponsor[s], Department): Project

Fall 2017 Application Round Awardees:


Kayla Belush (Alejandra Escudero, Foreign Languages & Literatures):
Human rights and the U.S. Immigration System: Push Factors and the Search for the American Dream

Finella Campanino (Allan Green, Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Effect of Curcumin on Glycolysis and Oxidative Phosphorylation

Chelsea Cannon [graduate student] (Donna Vogler, Biology)
The Competition for Pollinators and Reproductive Success of Hibiscus moscheutos with and Invasive Species Lythrum salicaria Influence

Megan Chiovaro, Sarah Curtin, Nicole Faraci (Katherine Lau, Psychology)
The Impact of Exposure to Potentially Traumatic Events on Mental Health, and Seeking Mental Health Services

Hayley Dower [graduate student] (Daniel Stich, Biology)
Population Dynamics of Spawning Walleye in Otsego Lake, NY

Kyle Dudgeon (Wendy Lascell, Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
New Orleans: From City to Sea

Henry Feist (Wesley Bernard, Art)
Narrowing the Gap

Jack Hatzfeld (Joshua Nollenberg, Physics & Astronomy)
Alcubierre Warp Drive

Taylor Held (Paul Lord & Fred Zalatan, Biology)
Eastern Ellipto Survivorship and Host Availability in Otego Creek (Otsego County), New York

Joshua Herrera (James Ebert, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
Geochemistry of Garnets form the Peck Lake Formation

Justin Hulbert [graduate student] (Daniel Stich, Biology)
No Bones About It: Age Determination From Hard Parts for Understanding Characteristics of Fishes in Southeastern NY

Joseph LaCourt (Wendy Lascell, Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
A Case Study of the "Make It Right Foundation"

Jason Lobdell (Les Hasbargen, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
Comparison of 3D Geomorphic Mapping Techniques

Kaitlyn Miller (Renee Walker, Anthropology)
Hunting and Gathering up the Truth: Taking a Shot at Understanding Prehistoric Life in Upstate NY

Juliet Morin (Tracy Betsinger, Anthropology)
Kennewick Man: A Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Phuong Nguyen (Chilton Reynolds & Tim Ploss, TLTC)
Accessibility of Mathematical Notation

Cheyenne Pommelle, Byron Peregrim (Florian Reyda, Biology)
Undergraduate Field Experience: Collecting Neoechinorhynchus from Washington State

Emily Proutey [graduate student] (Donna Vogler, Biology)
Evaluating the Value and Quality of Wetlands in Otsego County, New York, using the Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) Method

Jonelle Reyes (Tsitsi McPherson, Biology & Rahul Rastogi, Communication & Media)
SUCO Ecological Footprint Assessment

Jessica Schoeck (Florian Reyda, Biology)
Investigation of Seed Shrimps as Possible Hosts of Thorny-headed Worms

Diana Serrano, Julieta Eulau, Teresa Gonzalez (Maria Montoya, Foreign Languages & Literatures)
Living Bilingual and Bicultural

Estefania Torijano (Maria Montoya, Foreign Languages & Literatures)
Intercultural Competence through Collaborative On-line International Learning (COIL)

Chumin Wu (Ho Hon Leung, Sociology)
Lolita fashion style documentary series photography and research

Spring 2017 Application Round Awardees:

Daniela Aguilar (Kelly Gallagher, Chemistry & Biochemistry):
Glenwood and Cranberry Lake Preserve Management and Exploration

Dina Atwa & John Jaromack (Rhea Nowak, Art):
Mente et Amino

Margaret Doolin [graduate student] (Florian Reyda, Biology):
Using Molecules and Morphology to Understand Diversity in Neoechinorhynchus

Julia Marcantonio (Joshua Nollenberg):
Gravitational Lensing

Joseph McCarron (Jill Fielhaber, Biology):
Influence of IGF-1 on Proliferation and Apoptosis of Cancer Cells via mTOR and STAT Protein Interactions

Laura Melendez (Junryo Watanabe, Biology):
Characterization of Novel Genes Involved in Removing Bacterial Debris

Kate Moore (Keith Brunstad, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences):
Geochemistry, Petrology and Areal Distribution of Lava Flows Emanating from Goat Rocks Volcano, WA: Working towards an Eruption Prediction Model

Melissa Muller (Jeffrey Heilveil, Biology):
The Effects of Larval Dispersal on the Gene Flow of Invasive Marine Mollusc Crepidula fornicata in Long Island Populations

John Palmerton (Keith Brunstad, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences):
Magma Evolution Recorded in Micro-textures in Plagioclase from the Tieton Andesite Lava Flow, Goat Rocks Volcano, Washington, USA: Evidence of a Dynamic Magma Plumbing System

Fernando Peralta (Junryo Watanabe, Biology):
Characterization of Novel Genes Involved in Removing Apoptotic Debris, Part II

Gabriella Scott (Paul Lord & Fred Zalatan, Biology):
Eastern ellipto Survivorship and Host Availability in Otego Creek (Otsego County), New York

Emily Shaver & Erin Corsi (Theresa Loomis, Human Ecology):
The Impact of Parental Role Modeling on SUNY Oneonta Student Eating and Exercise Patterns

Emma Thompson (Elizabeth Bastiaans, Biology):
Measures of Abundance of Ambystoma jeffersonianum Salamanders in a Vernal Pool System Using Environmental DNA