Committee on Research

A major objective of the Committee on Research is to encourage student research and creative activity on campus and to enhance that aspect of the educational mission of the College.

The Committee is charged with: (1) facilitating the Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity, including reviewing applications and making awards; and (2) supporting Student Research and Creative Activity (SRCA) Day.




"Traditional" Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity
Applications are accepted each semester for funding of up to $1,500/project (plus student and faculty stipends) for students to conduct original research or creative work with faculty sponsorship. The fall 2017 application deadline is Wednesday, November 15th at 5:00 p.m.

*NEW* Research/Creative Activity "Shadowing" Track
Funding is intended to broaden student engagement in research/CA, whereby a student with little-to-no experience (freshmen/sophomores, but transfer students may also be eligible) would join a faculty member’s research/CA endeavor as an “observer” or a junior team member. Budgets can include up to $500 for project expenses, plus stipends for both the faculty mentor and the ‘shadow’ student. Applications to this track are accepted at any time (rolling deadline), and are to be submitted by full- or part-time faculty/professional staff only (no student applicants).

*NEW* "Classroom-based" Research/CA Track
This funding track is intended to suport activities that expose students to the breadth, depth, and application of scholarly/creative activity. Faculty can apply for funding of up to $1,000 to support activities that would enhance the research/CA element of a course. The fall 2017 application deadline (for funding for spring 2018 courses) is Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

More information and application materials for both tracks are available here.

Contact a member of the Committee on Research to discuss your project ideas, or to learn how to get involved in independent research or creative work.

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2017-2018 Committee Meetings (open)

Time and Place for Meeting #1:
Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 3:00 pm - Craven Lounge (Morris Conference Center)

MINUTES of 13 September 2017 Meeting


2016/17 Committee on Research Report to Senate
2015/16 Committee on Research Report to Senate
2014/15 Committee on Research Report to Senate
2013/14 Committee on Research Report to Senate
2012/13 Committee on Research Report to Senate

Proposed Center for Academic Excellence Recommendations
Responsible Conduct of Research Policy Recommendations


Student Research at SUNY Oneonta - An Overview



Student Research & Creative Activity Day
The annual Student Research & Creative Activity (SRCA) Day, sponsored by the Committee on Research, the Grants Development Office, Office of Alumni Engagement and the College at Oneonta Foundation, Inc., offers a professional venue in which students present their research and creative activity projects, whether funded by the Student Grant Program or not (however, grant recipients are required to present at a SRCA Day). Work is displayed in a variety of formats including poster, computer display and other exhibits. Supplies, visual equipment, and other support are provided to create displays. The event includes a keynote address by a distinguished SUNY Oneonta alumnus.

The 2017 Student Research & Creative Activity Day, held on April 12, featured 115 presentations representing 166 student participants sponsored by 68 different faculty mentors.

SUNY Oneonta students have the opportunity to attend and present research and creative work at the SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC), held annually on a different SUNY campus since 2015. Many students also attend and/or present projects at discipline-specific regional, national and international scholarly conferences, with travel funding supported through the D'Antonio Undergraduate Student Travel for Excellence Program and/or the Student Travel for Excellence Fund.


2017 College at Oneonta Foundation
Awards for Excellence in Student Research and Creative Activity

The 2017 Student Research and Creative Activity Award recipients made oral presentations at the final Faculty Convivium of the year on April 26, and were also honored at the Academic Achievement Awards on May 3.



SUNY Oneonta is an institutional member of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

Council on Undergraduate Research


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