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Environmental Sciences Program


Welcome to the Environmental Sciences Program at SUNY College at Oneonta.

Environmental Sciences at SUNY Oneonta is committed to the goal of facilitating interdisciplinary learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) within the undergraduate learning environment.  What this means for our students is that they are part of a Program dedicated to preparing its graduates to deal with the world’s most complicated problems by infusing interdisciplinarity throughout the Environmental Sciences curriculum.  From the natural sciences to the social sciences, from collecting field data to addressing administrative policies – our Environmental Sciences majors will be on the forefront of solving today’s and tomorrow’s environmental problems.

Environmental Sciences is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary major. Students are exposed to theoretical and practical topics in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, earth and atmospheric sciences), social sciences (environmental policy, environmental ethics, and environmental sociology). Students choose courses of interest from the natural sciences

Summer 2014 Internship Opportunity