Professional Writing Minor (18 s.h.)


The Professional Writing Minor is designed for those students who wish to supplement their major academic work (in English or in other disciplines) with a variety of workplace writing courses. The minor helps prepare students for writing in business, government or non-profit, legal, scientific or technical contexts, as well as for careers in publishing or editing.

Required Courses (9 s.h.)

COMP 150: Introduction to Creative Writing or COMP 200: Advanced Composition
COMP 239: Professional and Technical Writing
LING 215: Introduction to Editing and Publishing

Elective Courses (9 s.h.)
Choose three of the following. At least one of the three electives must have a COMP designator.

COMP 211: Writing About Nature and the Environment
COMP 275: Creative Non-Fiction Workshop
COMP 310: Screen Writing Workshop
COMP 315: Early Literary Criticism
COMP 394: Special Topics in Composition
COMP 397: Internship, by advisement only
COMP 399: Independent Study in Composition
LING 210: Traditional Grammar: English
LING 201: Language and Society or LING 322: Varieties of American English
LING 320: History of the English Language
BUS 240: Writing for Business and the Professions
ENVS 320: Technical Science Writing
MCOM 210: Writing for the Newspaper
MCOM 252: Writing for Radio, Television, and Film

See current College Catalog for prerequisites and other College regulations.