Linguistics Minor (18 s.h.)


The Minor in Linguistics consists of 18 semester hours of courses offered by the English Department or accepted by the English Department as substitutions.

Required Courses (3 s.h.)

LING 150: Introduction to Language and Linguistics

Elective Courses (5 courses, 15 s.h.)

ANTH 120: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
LING 200: Language and Literature
LING 201: Language and Society
LING 210: Traditional Grammar: English
LING 215: Introduction to Editing and Publishing
LING 294: Studies in Linguistics
LING 317: Language Acquisition
LING 320: History of the English Language
LING 322: Varieties of American English
LING 394: Studies in Linguistics
LING 399: Independent Study in Linguistics