English Minor (18 s.h.)


The English Minor provides a foundation for the study of literature written in English and offers practice in writing. Compatible with both liberal arts and pre-professional majors, the Minor allows students to examine culture and human experience from a perspective other than that of their major field. Prospective employers, who often look closely at job candidates' writing and communicating skills, often find the English Minor an attractive applicant.

At Oneonta, the Minor in English consists of 18 semester hours of courses offered by the English Department or accepted by the English Department as substitutions.

Core Requirements:

COMP 290: Writing About Literature or COMP 200: Advanced Composition (3 s.h.)
Upper-division selections from English Department courses (15 s.h.)

A couple of notes will help students design their program:

Except for LITR 150, only courses at the 200-level (or higher) may be counted toward the minor.
Various pre-requisites and College regulations apply; see current College Catalog.