Department of English

Early Pre-Enrollment Information

The English Department is once again offering early pre-enrollment to English majors for Spring 2014 English classes. The information you will need to take advantage of this opportunity is being mailed to you as well as listed below. All links will download as Microsoft Word documents except the course summaries and course chart.

Pre-Enrollment Planning Sheet for English Majors and Adolescent Education/English Dual Majors and
Elementary Education (Childhood Education), Concentration in English

English Major Requirements Checklist

Adolescent Education/English Dual Major Requirements Checklist

Elementary Education (Childhood Education), Concentration in English Requirements Checklist

English Faculty Roster includes office hours and contact information

Fall 2014 Course Summaries

Course Chart, listing categories and pre-requisites Fall 2014

REMINDER: The form you will receive after meeting with your advisor is the ONLY form that will be accepted at the Registrar’s Office March 24-27th 2014

If you have any questions, please call the English Dept. at 436-3446.