Dr. Roger Hecht


Associate Professor

Office hours (Fall 2016):

Courses (Fall 2016):
ALIT 240 - The American Renissance
COMP 294 - SpTp: Forms of Poetry
LITR 150 - Intro to Literary Studies

Netzer 321

  Roger at Yukashima

Dr. Hecht joined the English Department as an Assistant Professor in 2006, after teaching literature and creative writing as a full-time lecturer at SUNY, Oneonta for several years. Dr. Hecht earned his doctorate in English from Syracuse University in 2002, and received his M.F.A. in poetry from University of Arizona in 1990. He has presented papers on topics ranging from James Fenimore Cooper to Virginia Woolf to environmental themes in film. His research interests focus on the intersection of politics and landscape representation in literature. Currently, he is researching the literary products of the Anti-Rent War in upstate New York. His poetry has been published in numerous literary journals and websites. His books include Lunch at the Table of Opposites, a poetry chapbook, and The Erie Canal Reader. Dr. Hecht teaches courses in American literature, Literary/Critical Theory, and Creative Writing.

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