Dr. Akira Yatsuhashi


Associate Professor

Office Hours (Spring 2018):
MWF 10-11am

Courses (Spring 2018):
COMP 290 - Writing About Literature
WLIT 212 - Survey of Greek and Roman Literature

Fitzelle 359

  Akira Yatsuhashi

Akira Yatsuhashi joined the English Department in 2011 after teaching Classics in the Upper Midwest. He earned his PhD in Classical Studies from Duke University (2010) and also holds MAs in Classics (Tufts, 2003) and Comparative Literature and Japanese Poetics (Dartmouth, 2001).  He teaches courses in Greek and Roman literature, Greek and Latin language, and composition.  His research focuses on the uses of literature and scholarly writing in shaping and defining cultural and ethnic identity in colonial and imperial contexts.  He is currently researching the role the Library of Alexandria and its literary products played in allowing elites reimagine and reorder their cultural pasts in the wake of the conquests of Alexander of the Great.