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New Critics: Undergraduate Literature and Composition Conference


Program as of Monday, April 8, 2013

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Session 1--10:00-11:00
Panel A: Kafka and Poe
Chair: Christy Jaromack, SUNY Oneonta
Location: Morris 104
Colton Cox. “A Culture-Killing Machine: Franz Kafka and the Politics of ‘In the Penal Colony.’” SUNY Oneonta
Jaquon Heath. “The Outcast in the Looking Glass: Reflecting on Poe’s Primate and Double Consciousness.” St. John’s University
Andrew Kaplan. “Narrative Behind Bars: Kafka’s ‘A Hunger Artist’ and Existentialism.” SUNY Oswego

Panel B: Encountering the Self
Chair: Marlise Cammer, SUNY Oneonta
Location: Morris 130
Danica Bermudez-McLaud. “Self-Fashioning and The Duchess of Malfi.” SUNY Oneonta
Tamara Burross. “The Narrator on the Sofa: Who Is Looking at Woolf’s ‘The Lady in the Looking Glass’?” SUNY Buffalo
Brian Hicks. “The Stagnant Heart: Childe Roland’s Internal Journey.” St. Joseph’s College

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Session 2--11:10-12:30
Panel C: Classical and Medieval
Chair: Colton Cox, SUNY Oneonta
Location: Morris 104
Christy Jaromack. “The Misrepresentation of Romantic Love in Arrowsmith’s Alcestis.” SUNY Oneonta
Mariah Lewis. “Helen Manifested in Modernity: McLaughlin’s Version.” SUNY Oneonta
Tanya E. Poole. “The Injustice of Male Defenders in Chaucer’s The Physician’s Tale.” St. Joseph’s College
Kathleen Purick: “Democracy and Justice in Eumenides.” SUNY Oneonta

Panel D: Theory in Practice
Chair: Andrew Kaplan, SUNY Oswego
Location: Morris 130
Mitchell Comfort. “In Defense of Theory: A Response to Knapp and Michaels.” West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Dillman. “Galip, Celâl, and Pamuk: A Metafictional Approach to the Postmodern in Orhan Pamuk’s The Black Book.” SUNY Oneonta
Alexander Loutsenko. “The Heralds of Hypercapitalism: Cyberpunk Reborn in the Anti-Corporate Rhetoric of Occupy.” West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Tiffany Miner: “Narrative Style and Psychoanalysis in Banville’s The Sea .” SUNY Potsdam

LUNCH 12:30-1:25
Location: Le Café (basement of Morris)

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Session 3--1:30-2:30
Panel E: Constructing Identities
Chair: Nina Carter, Marymount Manhattan College
Location: Morris 104
Sabrina Faust. “Proms and Pacifiers: A Daycare Approach to High School.” SUNY Oneonta
Diana Pfaff. “Demystifying the Mother: Power and Maternal Dialectics in Diome’s The Belly of the Atlantic. Marymount Manhattan College
Crystal Young. “Modeling Fiction: John Green’s Novels and Adolescent Identity Development.” SUNY Oneonta

Panel F: Twain
Chair: Vincent Dubay, SUNY Potsdam
Location: Morris 130
Naomi Chalfin. “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and Religion.”SUNY Oswego
Marian Holmes. “Reading Between the Banks: Anti-Utopianism in Huckleberry Finn and Extracts from Adam’s Diary.” SUNY Oswego
Briana LaRocca. “The Circus: Appearance and Reality in Huckleberry Finn.” SUNY Oswego

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Session 4--2:40-4:00
Panel G: Renaissance Drama
Chair: Katie Bulley (SUNY Oneonta)
Location: Morris 104
Marlise Cammer. “Gender Challenges in The Roaring Girl.” SUNY Oneonta
Vincent Dubay. “City of Commodity: Critiquing the Urban Landscape in Volpone.” SUNY Potsdam
Hannah Kinisky. “Moll and Marriage: A Missed Opportunity for Subversion in The Roaring Girl.” SUNY Oneonta
Courtney Wurzer. “Daniel de Bosola’s Ambivalence in The Duchess of Malfi.” SUNY Oneonta

Panel H: Responses to Evil
Chair: Amber McCoy-Snapp, SUNY Oneonta
Location: Morris 130
Justine Bishop. “Forests and Forgiveness in Morrison’s Beloved.” SUNY Oneonta
Logan Brooks. “Feeding on the Slave: A Critical Reading of Crevecoeur.” University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Nina Carter. “Hidden Triumphs in The Handmaid’s Tale: A Reconsideration of Dystopia.” Marymount Manhattan College
Tara Miner. “Sin and Punishment in Genesis and Exodus.” SUNY Oneonta

Text Box: Keynote Address--4:30-6:00  Jonathan Culler: “Theory of the Lyric.”  Location: Morris Hall, Craven Lounge   

Location: Morris, Craven Lounge