Fenimore Cooper Conference


20th International
James & Susan Fenimore Cooper Conference & Seminar

SUNY College at Oneonta
June 1-4, 2015

The Turkey Shoot, 1857, by Tompkins Harrison Matteson
Gift of Stephen C. Clark, Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, NY
Photograph by Richard Walker

Imagined Frontiers/ Imagined Communities

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The Coopers wrote at a time when America was growing as a nation, both geographically through westward expansion and conceptually, as writers, artists, politicians, and citizens worked through the process of defining national, regional, and even local identities. For this year's conference, we seek papers that explore the role the Coopers (and their contemporary writers and artists) played in imagining, representing, and interrogating the landscapes and communities of antebellum America.

Keynote Speaker: Rochelle Johnson, Ph.D., Professor of English and Environmental Studies, College of Idaho.

She is the author of Passions for Nature.

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